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One does need to read observantly, however, just in case one is sucked into unthinking concurrence, which can be forced on the reader by the power of Kendrick's voice.
Osama bin Laden is probably holed up not a million miles from where Newby and Carless floundered observantly through virtually unexplored mountains: country that has experienced numerous devastating and traumatic assaults during the intervening 50 years, but hasn't really changed all that much at the village level.
More observantly than Muller, I think, Ker affirms that "death may, in the hands of the Catholic writer, be actually celebrated joyfully" (p.
In reply, Davis carefully, indirectly, and observantly begins to dictate to Montfort the "'certain rules in this commoonity that we all must' 'bide by ef we want t'void trouble.
The RLPO's 30-year-oldAustralian assistant conductor Matthew Coorey's bottom wiggled in perfect time as my wife (whois musical) observantly pointed out.
This led Matthew Morgan of EJ Hales, who comes from the ``Jewel of the Rhondda'', to observantly point out that the centre of Treherbert, unlike Prague, has not suffered from flooding for some time.
T]he overall picture shows that Kaifeng Jewry for about five centuries constituted a distinct, respected, observantly Jewish middle-class group.
Observantly performed by Davis as far as she's able, Liz would have made a great character for a melodrama made 40 years ago, but is relegated mostly to the sidelines here and, ironically, is viewed with less sympathy than she would have been 40 years ago.
Having developed a personal rapport with such a vendor, it is time to taste, observantly and thoughtfully, so that a bank of memories is available for recall in our minds.
In an August 31, 1962, memo he sent to his four children he explained that his parents had stopped going to synagogue but "decided to bring us up observantly and let us decide for ourselves.
proclivity toward "associational life" that Alexis de Toqueville observantly described 50 years earlier emerged as sector after sector in the human services began organizing.
These Jews approve of living observantly but also prefer eating the forbidden foods to not eating them: ergo, conflict.