observation post

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Speaking to reporters in Beirut on a visit, he said there were clashes in Idlib near Turkish observation posts "but we do not have any encircled soldiers."
The Turkish presidency has also said that it will not abandon any of its observation posts in Syria.
It pointed to the Syrian Army's response to the Ankara-backed National Liberation Front (NFL) terrorists' attack on the government forces' military positions in this region, and said that the observation posts have not come under any missile or artillery attacks by the Syrian Army.
officers to flush them out of the observation post. This had the effect of blinding
On Observation Post 717 there were no games, unless you count the old basketball hoop lying sideways on the ground outside.
Each observation post seems intended not to monitor and enforce peace in Idlib, but to monitor adversaries of Turkey, like Kurdish militias or the Syrian regime and its allied forces.
He describes his training and service in aeCAE Flight, 653 Squadron, which was an Air Observation Post (AOP) Squadron.
(TAP) -- Four people without identity papers were arrested on Monday night by the navy in the forward observation post in Ras Jedir after they illegally crossed the Tunisia-Libya border.
The Animal Party alleged on Tuesday that UNFICYP soldiers were seen abandoning a box with six puppies in the buffer zone near Ayios Dhometios in Nicosia and that they had been spotted by Greek Cypriot national guardsman at an observation post in the area.
The attraction - which will be launched by local schoolkids today - has been created at the observation post once used to watch for German mines.
Now a team of Welsh explorers has been afforded this fascinating glimpse inside a Cold War observation post which was abandoned suddenly in 1988.
Strict monitoring of the area of Kara-Keche in Jumgal district (Naryn region) will be organized at the Turuskul observation post, Minister of Interior Melis Turganbayev said during his working trip to the region.

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