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Observation post work will be to identify them and look at the numbers of kidnappers, their routines and strongholds.
Once there, his men had built a bunker and established an observation post overlooking a vital bridge into Croat territory.
The ability to move allows the forward observer to select observation posts, experience the tactical movements of armour and mechanised infantry or call for and adjust fire as part of a light infantry unit in a Mout environment.
forces to leave their observation posts along the Egyptian-Israeli border in Sinai; U.
The blast happened close to one of the Irish regiment's observation posts in the Beit Yahoun area.
Adams has riddled the bodies of these plastic containers with multicolored plastic funnels, viewer observation posts that provide us with private views of a carnivalesque world.
From the cold, primitive huts of Valley Forge to sweltering Operating Bases along the Tigris and Euphrates to SpecOps observation posts in Afghanistan, SFTT will showcase American grunts' commo home -- their personal communications to their loved ones revealing what it's like to be constantly "on the front line" out at the tip of the bloody spear.
The order also includes: provision of video delivery service with a specialized camera equipped with a rotary car belonging to the Contractor - to monitor the any place in the city of Gliwice; made available to all observation points and positions of the equipment necessary to receive video from all cameras; recording and backup of each camera (including mobile) for a period of not less than 30 days using their own resources and equipment of the contractor; providing access to archived recordings from all points and observation posts.
According to sources in the area, NATO and Afghan security forces had moved to Gurbaz district, close to Pakistan, last Sunday and established checkpoints and observation posts, the report said.
He also stressed necessity for setting up a number of observation posts in the area in view of the assassination of Senior Internal Security Intelligence officer Samir Chehadeh and UNIFIL personnel already targeted there a couple of times.
One of their key tasks has been the manning of hilltop border observation posts.

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