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Turkey is claiming Al-Eis as a location for another one of its observation posts.
Under a second deal Moscow said it struck with "moderate" rebels over the weekend in Egypt, Russian forces Monday also set up two checkpoints and four observation posts in the area covering conflict-ravaged Eastern Ghouta, he added.
Other security agencies, including the Delhi police, will be spread out across the city to man observation posts and they will take a decision on further action including shooting down any threat.
It is made up of twin gun emplacements, searchlight platforms, an observation post, rangefinder tower and an engine house.
Observation post work will be to identify them and look at the numbers of kidnappers, their routines and strongholds.
These observation posts were equipped with sophisticated and expensive gear, mostly Western in origin, and during the war, they reported on IDF movements, especially inside Israel.
Once there, his men had built a bunker and established an observation post overlooking a vital bridge into Croat territory.
The Edwards airmen are guarding aircraft that are flying combat missions over Iraq, manning observation posts, and are part of a quick response team that will handle any threat to the base.
For forward observers, target acquisition may be performed from a fixed 'photographic eye' point-of-view or the student may choose to view and move through a 50 square km three-dimensional observation posts, experience terrain database.
The eight soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment were attacked as they manned two observation posts 200 metres apart.
Using intelligence gathered over the past few months and reports from the public about dealers selling heroin and cocaine, they set up a series of hidden observation posts.
His announcement made it clear that there has been feverish activity behind the scenes and the immediate dismantling of Army observation posts is only a first instalment.

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