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TO OBSERVE, civil law. To perform that which has been prescribed by some law or usage. Dig., 1, 3, 32.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Bao Jigang, director of the monitoring centre at the observatory said, 'Chengdu observatory has unique features compared with the other four.
Among other scientists appointed by Caliph al-Ma'mun to work in the observatory were Yahya bin Abi Mansur and al-'Abbas bin Sa'id al-Jawhari.
The bill also includes requirements for subdivisions within the radius around the McDonald Observatory to mute their outdoor lighting.
Heartfelt thanks are due to all those people that over the years have supported the observatory, unfortunately they are too many to mention individually.
The long period Khawja Nasir ad-Din Tusi lived in the Alamut Castle, archaeologists believe that he had most likely built an observatory in the castle.
Now, 35 years to the day since its first meeting, the society will open its observatory at Dyffryn.
It was feared that a review of STFC activities would result in the cutting of the observatory's revenue streams.
When the moon is full and viewing isn't at its best, the observatory will host science-fiction movie nights Saturdays under its new tent.
Two family open days will be held at the observatory tomorrow, and Sunday with talks and tours, workshops and observations.
Observation using the ACS has accounted for two-thirds of studies with the observatory, notes Burch.
The observatory has been closed since January 6, 2002 to carry out the $93 million project which has added more than 3,700 square meters of space, including a multilevel exhibit gallery, and a new program featuring more than 60 new exhibits.
In January 2006, Gallager, a WHOI biologist, led a dive team that installed this cabled observatory off the island of Canales de Tierra.

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