observe discipline

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Let motorists exercise caution, give way, observe discipline and respect other road users.
As such, we admonish them to maintain the dignity of the uniform; observe discipline, propriety and decorum; and measure up to the steep standards of the service,' the statement said.
The DG advised the selected Resuce team to observe discipline, follow guidelines of the trainers and utilize maximum time to get mastery over urban search and rescue skills and techniques, adding that in future, the USAR training would be integral part of the rescue training course so all the master trainers should work hard to get excellent command over the subject for imparting further quality training to Divisional USAR Units at Emergency Services Academy.
As professional advocates sworn to defend the Constitution and uphold the laws of the land at all times, we lawyers are in the commanding position to spearhead a dynamic movement to restore kaayusan in our country and persuade our people to observe discipline in their daily lives.
He urged them to perform their assigned duties well, observe discipline and leave a positive impression with their supervisors and colleagues at work.
The rules aim to "improve the supervision of police forces and ensure that they perform their duties and observe discipline," a cabinet statement said.
While asking the party members to be regular to the Assembly and observe discipline during the proceedings, the Captain had openly said they should not do or speak anything that offended the AIADMK government, as the DMDK would continue its alliance with the ruling party for the local body polls too.
Leaflets include calls to observe discipline, stability and order and instructions on how to act when signals made by special coordinators (when red flag is raised, they should say \"Nariman will establish order\", when the green flag is raised, they should say \"We are for law and order\", when two flags are up, they should say \"We need such leader
He also advised the probation officers to fully observe discipline, punctuality and rules in their working.
Malacanang on Wednesday urged millions of devotees of the Black Nazarene to observe discipline to avoid accidents during the long procession for the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila on Thursday.
But if we want to continue improving our lives, we must observe discipline consistently and in even more instances of our personal and social lives.