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He said four hours load management is being observed in the areas having upto 30 to 40 percent
Like other parts of the country, the Kashmir Solidarity Day will be observed here on Monday, February 5, to express support for Kashmiri brethren.
Observed and certified values of elemental concentrations as micrograms per gram wet weight in Standard reference materials DORM-2 from the Nationals Research Council, Canada (n = 2).
Leonids--Michael Poll observed on the mornings of 17 and 18 November under considerable influence of cloud.
description of instructional environment, teaching-and-learning activities, strategy application, and strengths and limitations of observed lessons), and (3) quality of written work (i.
Excess deaths were observed mainly in persons [greater than or equal to] 75 years of age.
Before the program families were observed as they arrived at the library and used library facilities and services.
The row labeled "Comprehensive observing" shows percentages of trials on which subjects observed both of the sample stimuli.
The laughable consists of a certain mechanical inelasticity," observed French philosopher Henri Bergson, "just where one would expect to find the wide-awake adaptability of a human being.
When observed by a nonautistic friend, his mirror neurons become active, as well.
3) observed that carbon black facilitated strain-induced crystallization and also increased the size of the crystallized zone at the stressed crack tip of carbon black filled NR.
Former President Bill Clinton organized the conference with goals in four areas," observed a September 25 Voice of America account.

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