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Mean sample observing frequency for LDC increased from 6.
Porter, a former math teacher, has turned lecturing into a comic art form by carefully observing and exaggerating the mannerisms of desk-bound women educators, from administers to curators.
The series comprises eight pieces--seven insects and a figurine of Fabre observing Minotaur beetles in a device of his invention.
After observing the little models on green flowers, the observer bees more than doubled their preference for the odd color, the researchers report in an upcoming Biology Letters.
Other criteria include observing the general dimensions of the wood, looking for end tags and observing the color of the wood.
Just getting out of the studio and observing what someone else is doing can be freeing and begin the path to something new and exciting in your own teaching.
By 1890, all Northern states had united in observing Memorial Day on May 30, but Southern states observed a separate day until after World War I.
After observing a resident or medical student for two months, workers at each site--from nurses to supervisors--are asked to evaluate him on about 20 of the 60 behaviors.
The effort aims to integrate Earth observing capabilities based on satellites and in situ or ground-based sensors into a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).
A recent experience I had over the course of observing a PETE teaching candidate's required field experience illuminates the aforementioned contention.
Key to the success of NOAA's mission is an infrastructure of observing systems and practices that spans the planet.
Ordinarily, butchers learn about demand by observing prices: Other things being equal, the higher the demand, the higher the price.