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He requested the Members of the bars as well as Members of the Civil Society for observing Nation-wide Black Day on May 12.
I have come to appreciate the advantages of setting concrete personal goals and adopting detailed observing plans.
To address the challenges involved in designing and operating an Arctic observing system, the Arctic environmental change community has initiated a series of Arctic Observing Summits (AOS).
You can join astronomers around the world at lunar observing events and observe the 7-day-old moon on the 22nd.
As children moved in and out of observation areas, we assumed or passed on responsibility for observing them as appropriate.
The present study examined observing behavior topographies in relation to task complexity in multiple-sample DMTS.
In some cases a load containing treated wood can be identified by observing the color of the wood, which if not treated typically has a light yellow hue.
After observing a resident or medical student for two months, workers at each site--from nurses to supervisors--are asked to evaluate him on about 20 of the 60 behaviors.
The effort aims to integrate Earth observing capabilities based on satellites and in situ or ground-based sensors into a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).
A recent experience I had over the course of observing a PETE teaching candidate's required field experience illuminates the aforementioned contention.
Key to the success of NOAA's mission is an infrastructure of observing systems and practices that spans the planet.