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I suddenly, and without any challenge from my own presumption, became obsessed with a DESIRE to take risks.
Like most of their generation they were obsessed by the fear of the picturesque, and they turned their backs on the obvious beauty of the town to seek subjects which were devoid of a prettiness they despised.
99, Boots "Epsom bath salts with lavender oil - I'm obsessed with them, I use them every night (in the bath).
With festivities all around Jazz's offices nationwide, the customer obsessed week was kicked off by Asif Aziz, CCO -Jazz and Faisal Sattar, VP Business Services, at a live workplace session.
I'm really obsessed to pin him down and really prove there's corruption in the Customs and he's involved in the corruption,' Lacson said.
When you're hungry, you naturally become obsessed with satisfying that hunger.
Anyone already obsessed with succeeding won't need it, but those not yet hungry enough will find it invaluable.
Firstly, don't feel like you're the only person in the world who is obsessed with porn - you're not.
He was also obsessed with Israel," added the father, before making some bizarre claims of his own against Israel.
Just like the previous defenders of military tutelage, there are people today defending one-man rule and blaming the people who criticize the president for violating the Constitution every single day for "being obsessed with Erdoy-an.
Have you ever been obsessed with something like your character is obsessed in the story?
She is so obsessed with her baby, she doesn't want to do anything else but be with him.