obsessed with

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She became obsessed with the thought that it wanted but a courageous act on her part to make all of her association with people some- thing quite different, and that it was possible by such an act to pass into a new life as one opens a door and goes into a room.
I suddenly, and without any challenge from my own presumption, became obsessed with a DESIRE to take risks.
99, Boots "Epsom bath salts with lavender oil - I'm obsessed with them, I use them every night (in the bath).
When you're hungry, you naturally become obsessed with satisfying that hunger.
Firstly, don't feel like you're the only person in the world who is obsessed with porn - you're not.
He was also obsessed with Israel," added the father, before making some bizarre claims of his own against Israel.
Just like the previous defenders of military tutelage, there are people today defending one-man rule and blaming the people who criticize the president for violating the Constitution every single day for "being obsessed with Erdoy-an.
Have you ever been obsessed with something like your character is obsessed in the story?
She is so obsessed with her baby, she doesn't want to do anything else but be with him.
Rylan, 23, admits to being obsessed with his image and says: "I'd rather spend my money on make-up than food.
Alan Edwards, 75, who served in the army for 20 years, was said to be obsessed with sex in his younger years.
Washington, November 29 (ANI): Charlize Theron said that she was so obsessed with a girl in her school that it would have got her into serious trouble if she behaved like that today.