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Filming on Obsession has also taken place in Heaton and included scenes in an Italian restaurant in Sunderland and in Tynemouth at the coast.
Obsession Awards were born from OMG's determination to give appreciation to national figures, individuals and corporations who have shown dedication to their respective fields, have exemplary, inspirational, and innovative.
Founder of Obsession Media Group Usama Hisham said the Anugerah Obsession Awards is a tribute to the leaders from various fields who should be appreciated for their contributions in the progress and significant changes of development.
It has two main features - obsessions and compulsions.
Tracey, who lost Simon, 39, in 2005, said: "I liked the Harry Potter books before my husband died but my grief triggered off a bit of an obsession.
Both an objective scholarly study and an engaging personal narrative about craft beer, "Craft Obsession" provides valuable insights into digital writing, storytelling, and social media.
The original Obsession pattern has been my go-to spring turkey pattern since its inception, because it blends in with just about every possible surrounding I've encountered.
The author takes on the country's obsession with weight and weight loss, and contemplates the toll this obsession takes on everyone, especially young women.
The race is one of the most historic in the calendar having first been run in 1599 and David Barron's Art Obsession is taken to be the newest name on the list of winners.
Selfie is very popular nowadays, but who could have thought that it can be a life threatening obsession? Danny Bowman, 19, is the first person diagnosed in Britain with this type of obsession.
Calvin Klein, Dark Obsession for men is a bold, modern fragrance with a powerful masculinity and intense sensuality.