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Most love obsessional stalkers are male and have female victims, whereas most delusional stalkers are female with both male and female victims (Hall; National Criminal Justice Association, 1993; Orion, 1997).
The purpose of confrontation was to induce obsessional fears and urges to ritualize.
The paper cited a source as saying, "Simon's love of cars is borderline obsessional.
One answer might be that for the last couple of decades the competition authorities have focused on the bus industry, almost to an obsessional level.
Placing him under a hospital order, Judge Curran added: "He was experiencing obsessional views about the man he believed was making advances towards his wife.
The texts escalated from being work-orientated to being personal and, I believe, rather obsessional.
The texts escalated from being work-orientated to being personal and I believe, in my eyes, rather obsessional.
It is not uncommon for people with Aspergers syndrome to develop single-minded, obsessional interests, and to be unaware of the effects of their actions.
Mr Shorrock said: "Egg collection is the exception in wildlife crime in that it is not motivated by financial gain but by obsessional behaviour.
But while the Royal College of Obstetricians says recreational exercise is good for mums-to-be, I feel Paula's need to compete is obsessional, rather than recreational.
The underlying culprit in the evolution of bureaucracy in America and other advanced societies is the obsessional character type.