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On the other hand, checking and compulsion, obsessional thoughts of harm and obsessional impulses were observed high in non-employed individuals (43%, 25% and 25% respectively) than for employed (28%, 20% and 21% respectively).
21) Obsessional patients in India did not show high rates of celibacy and low fertility.
In other words, although certain obsessional thought processes may appear to lack reflective functioning, the existence of a 'model world' does not seem to imply a total collapse into states of psychic equivalence.
Fans of One Direction, or Directioners, are notoriously obsessional about the boyband that shot to fame on the X Factor in 2010.
Headland and MacDonald also found ERP effective while treating a 35 years old patient with 13 years history of Obsessional Rituals and Ruminations.
UITs with obsessional themes involving contamination, dirt, harm, injury, sex, religion, etc.
It remains a very serious matter of pursuing an obsessional and quite unjustifiable vendetta against a former work colleague" the judge told him.
The judge said: "He was experiencing obsessional views about the man he believed was making advances towards his wife.
She examines each area in which these individuals are different, such as memory, attention, understanding, everyday tasks, language and conversation, social rules and relationships, ways they cope with change and anxiety, and obsessional interests, and the problems that arise and how to provide support.
In studying bureaucracy, I have concluded that the underlying pathogen was the obsessional character type whose quest for completeness and yearning to banish ambiguity has proven increasingly troublesome as the Information Age progresses.
Today's computer has magnified the problem, becoming the all-purpose "Swiss Army knife" of the obsessional character.