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With the removal of the manual overrides and the elimination of obsolescent entries, Mr.
Naik was equally candid when he said, " About 50 per cent of the equipment of the air force is obsolescent.
The book's first chapter lays out the theoretical terms for the volume as a whole, defending the concept of community against those who would dismiss it as theoretically obsolescent.
The challenge facing Iraqi policy makers is how to effectively use oil revenues to improve the delivery of services and accumulate capital while limiting the country's dependence on an obsolescent resource," said a bank public finance management paper.
Honed as a painter in the brief heyday of Abstract Expressionism, before Pop Art obliterated that movement and made it instantly obsolescent, Strautmanis stubbornly admired the work and painterly philosophies of Willem de Kooning and Hans Hofmann.
Some years ago there were articles about the real cost of keeping obsolescent equipment, ships, tanks, aircraft, etc.
Maintaining the current, sterile, obsolescent education patterns could result in our human resources becoming an obstacle to development, rather than an engine of growth.
Boardman explained that it is Ovitally important that we begin the process of seeding the industry and replacing obsolescent equipment nowO as Othe average age of our passenger cars is at an all-time high E and it will continue to rise in the time it will take to order and build new equipment.
The group said: "The plan must give recognition to the fact that the development needs of businesses have changed and are not the same as those during the boom, by facilitating and supporting the redevelopment of obsolescent and older buildings in the city centre.
In 2009 the dynamic amplitude is greater, and often interesting in terms of contrast, but always strictly controlled, I would not say that the complete set from the 1 990s is now obsolescent, for it has its own distinctive qualities, but over ten years the trio has moved (in expression) onto a higher level.
Three floors of the new addition equal four in the older, obsolescent hospital, having level interconnections only at grade (the new emergency department) and the fourth floor connecting new and existing Intensive Care Units.