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Meanwhile, our options for greening the existing office stock are to re-clad and re-engineer obsolescent buildings, to manage their environmental performance more rigorously, and, most important in my opinion, to use them more intensively.
Obsolescent though it was, the Smith breaching system formed a much more effective gas seal than found on most contemporary breach loaders.
Natural motherhood is not obsolescent, as The Atlantic once predicted, but ascendant, in vogue to an almost disturbing degree.
After liberating it from beneath unruly and obsolescent detritus, I read with interest the interview with ASAE Past President Harmon Towne.
Their undersea fleet had been negligible during WW II, and until the mid 1960s it was always noisy and somewhat ramshackle--good enough boats, perhaps, but borderline obsolescent and often limited in their capabilities.
Anacomp, together with its strategic partners, offers both analog and digital scanning services and electronic transmission and capture services to maximize capture capabilities, regardless of the genesis of the source document, data or image--and that includes old archived paper documents, data in legacy systems, obsolescent optical disk repositories, or outputs from the latest daily transaction system.
They marched by, toting heavy packs and carrying obsolescent, perhaps First World War-vintage, rifles whose true value potentially lies less in national defense than as collectibles.
Any book is obsolescent on publication, and medical advances in the porphyrias are no exception.
To help keep maintenance costs down while taking advantage of the latest technology, LP&L's Brandon Station replaced its old and obsolescent Woodward 501 digital control system with a new Atlas control system, which has an improved diagnostic capability.
As he states in the preface, "I found myself more and more forced to the conclusion that the Church of England, in its present quarrelsome and institutionally obsolescent state, is just not fit or able to share, spread and serve the Christian gospel of the future which is offered to humanity by the God of the Bible, who is the God known in and through Jesus Christ and the God active in the Holy Spirit.
The square toe shoe is a contemporary fashion trend, which makes it obsolescent in nature.
We build a comprehensive model based on two relevant bodies of literature: the literature on one-time-only sales of non-perishable, non-obsolescent products, and the literature on inventory and pricing decisions for obsolescent products in the absence of any one-time only considerations.