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For the theory to have genuine predictive significance, it must attempt to specify a time frame for each cycle-radio, for example, obsolesces wires as well as print, depending upon it hich system it functions in; and without a time boundary, the retrieval stage becomes a meaningless reach into the open-ended grab-bag of infinite history.
There are possible practical applications of this kind of study (see later discussion), but it is also of some theoretical interest, not least because it qualifies ideas that journals obsolesce in some regular sort of way.
PZ: Put in tetrad form, McLuhanism enhances awareness of the service and disservice, training and trained incapacity that come with each medium (particularly at a time when there have been abrupt changes in the technological environment), obsolesces moralism, retrieves the rhetorical paideia, and, pushed to an extreme, reverses into technological determinism.
PZ: The tetrad on rhetoric says: rhetoric obsolesces "the logos.
In an industry which obsolesces products every 18 months or so, the "desktop" interface has lasted since 1984.