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Influence of environment and climate on occurrence of the cixiid planthopper Hyalesthes obsoletus, the vector of the grapevine disease 'bois noir'.
Relacionado con el C2, se encontro que algunas especies de aves son usadas para la alimentacion (Crypturellus obsoletus, Momotus aequatorialis), el comercio (loras, Pionus spp.
Sexuality of the American mud snail Nassarius obsoletus.
Oxygen consumption of normal and parasitized Nassarius obsoletus under varying conditions of salinity.
obsoletus, which is the largest skink living at or near the cave today (Dixon, 2000).
Molecular identification of Western European species of obsoletus complex (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) by an internal transcribed spacer-1 rDNA multiplex polymerase chain reaction assay.
Subspecies of Culicoides obsoletus midges do occur in Britain and Northern Europe, and these have acted as vectors in last year's outbreak.
triangularis, Mitrella ocellata, Planaxis obsoletus and Plicopurpura patula pansa.
Parasitic castration of the marine prosobranch gastropod Nassarius obsoletus by sporocysts of Zoogonus rubellus (Trematoda): histopathology.
Sufamilia Hydrophilinae Acidocerini Chasmogenus sapucay Fernandez X Enochrus breviusculus (Bruch) X Enochrus circumcinctus (Bruch) X Enochrus guarani Fernandez X Enochrus melanthus Orchymont X X Enochrus obsoletus (Bruch) X Enochrus sublongus (Fall) X Enochrus variegatus (Steinheil) X X Enochrus vulgaris (Steinheil) X Helobata larvalis (Horn) Helochares abbreviatus (Fabricius) X X Helochares femoratus (Brulle) X Helochares mesostitialis Fernandez X Helocharespallipes (Brulle) X Helochares spatulatus Fernandez X Helochares ventricosus Bruch X Anacaenini Paracymus sp.