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Until now, these bishops say, the only persons who are refused communion according to Church law are those who are excommunicated, or interdicted, or obstinately persist in manifestly grave sin (Canon 915).
In parts of the country devastated by the closure of coal mines, the proportion of long-term unemployed has remained obstinately high, despite all the back-to-work schemes.
The Church refuses Holy Communion to a notorious sinner who is under a public penalty of excommunication or interdict, or who publicly displays the lack of proper moral disposition by obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin.
All last year, the Government's chosen measure of inflation (not counting mortgage interest) remained obstinately above the 2.
A "social justice" teacher who is so confused about homosexuality that he obstinately refuses to accept the Church's teaching--and does so publicly--is not an appropriate speaker for a Catholic organization.
On yesterday's showing, the best chance to deploy the billion purposefully will come when the stock market finally succumbs to the shake-out, or worse, that obstinately fails to happen.
While professing to be practicing Catholics, they have publicly and obstinately denied a truth of the Catholic faith, as is obvious from The Code of Canon Law:
On the plus side, it has restructured Europower, its hydraulic components arm and despite the fact that the shares remain obstinately stuck at about 2lp, one cant help thinking there must soon be some light at the end of the tunnel.
It would have to be made known to a professor, of course, at the time of appointment, that he would have to have a mandate to teach and that, if he began to publicly and obstinately teach contrary to Church doctrine, he would lose his mandate and thus not be able to teach theology.
ALTHOUGH there are still a few patches of snow clinging on obstinately, we are, nevertheless, officially into spring time.
When the fuse burned down, the Catherine Wheel obstinately refused to spin at all.
I've heard your evidence and I have no doubt that even now you remain obstinately sure of yourself and your own abilities.