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In place of the noisy and obstreperous boy came the docile, soft-voiced girl.
He, at length, became so obstreperous that we grew fearful of his giving the alarm to some stragglers in the vicinity; - or, rather, this was the apprehension of Legrand; - for myself, I should have rejoiced at any interruption which might have enabled me to get the wanderer home.
My dogs may bay at the moon, the owl on the cliff may scatter demoniac laughter, but they cannot outnoise those obstreperous gulls."
Arriving home after Paul the pest man had departed, where once an obstreperous buzz abounded now an ominous silence hung in the air.
The Duchess of Sussex has now authorised five of her girlie-pack to talk to the Press about her distress over obstreperous Pa Markle.
The soundtrack is obstreperous and Rahman's music is sinfully soul-less.
Since civil bureaucracy was incapable to deal with the chaos and shenanigans of the politicians who had become obstreperous, Defence secretary Iskandar Mirza, who had earlier usurped the office of the President of Pakistan, promulgated Martial Law.
I have presided over a few obstreperous children who hurt their classmates and even me, but I never thought of hurting them to correct them.
Building and engineering student Marshall had feared being handed a football banning order, was hit hard in the pocket Sheriff Sinclair told him: "People who get obstreperous at football matches can cause terrible trouble.
Is it ironic that obstreperous representation of thought earns great praise?
This realization is perhaps what has fueled the rise of the likes of the obstreperous, populist and misogynistic Miguna.
Striving to reestablish itself in Florence after a period of exile, the family's hopes landed first upon Ippolito, a suave but obstreperous cardinal.