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After an unsuccessful year at a local kindergarten, where Sylvia behaved so obstreperously that her parents were asked to remove her, she was educated entirely at home.
33) But as the reign wore on and Charles tired of his obstreperously Protestant subjects, Catholics began to entertain hopes of reconciliation between the Church of England and Rome.
The liberal Democrats in the Senate who have committed themselves to defending Clinton are obstreperously objecting to the calling of witnesses.
The United States and Britain had been threatening for a month that the next time Iraq behaved obstreperously they would attack without warning.
Shropshire's book is generally free of rancor; Hoberman's is obstreperously bitter.
As the character of Nell says, peering from the refuse receptacle she lives in, "nothing is funnier than unhappiness," and there are moments when gallows humor is the only way for the two main characters - the benignly dictatorial and sightless Hamm and his obstreperously obedient servant Clov- to deflect the ravages of a world blighted by some vaguely defined apocalypse.