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The author wants his wife to read, to chew on (he often directs her to think about this or that), to digest, to become the book, to be morally good and fiscally prudent with his resources, treating him well in his body, keeping fleas out of his bed, and easing his mind of having to deal with wifely obstreperousness and error and threats to his reputation.
Obstreperousness is not usually the wisest, strategy.
From a philosophical-historical vantage point it is possible to see, for example, that, as individuals are not automatons, obstreperousness and dissension can break out within the managerial elites themselves.
While the positions of the three institutions were often attributed to the personalities of their leaders (and the obstreperousness of backbenchers), the findings that emerge from these blunt models suggest that the conflict had real political substance.
Not even from Joseph Dubiel's gentle admission of obstreperousness, or Marion Guck's liquid metaphors, or a myriad of other observations which make this collection so replete that a line by line, or word by word indagation, exegesis, or gloss would be, at least initially, supererogatory, and if the points of departure and, perhaps, eventual arrival suggested are pursued by posterity, though I would wish for that time to be sooner rather than later, for the moment enough is plenitude.
These curious effects occur because people learn to associate drinking with certain types of behaviors, among them obstreperousness.
For sure, the North-South dialectic, Arab-Toubou-Sara tensions, Muslim-Christian-animist differences, and Libyan obstreperousness have all constituted finders in the Chadian powder keg.