obstruct work

See: strike
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Mirsal also makes the executive management of the Bank aware of the work completed across all departments and the challenges that obstruct work process.
2017, the agitators had committed to the Tribunal that they are not obstructing the work nor would they instigate others to obstruct work.
Jarrah: Cell phones prices depend mainly on two issues: First, the fiber optic networks, which have been suspended for three and a half years without reason, only to obstruct work in the telecommunications sector.
We would ask neighbours to avoid using the road during this period and not to park in a way to obstruct work Cllrs Steve Radford, Kevin Morrison and Billy Lake, Tuebrook and Stoneycroft Liberal Party Corbyn can win PEOPLE unemployed and some in full-time employment are relying on food banks, and the number of homeless people on our streets is rising.
They killed three civilians and arbitrarily opened fire on foreign workers to obstruct work - a Bangladeshi national was killed in the incident.
However Mahmoud criticized protests organized by nurses that obstruct work in hospitals.
Palestinian Health Minister Fathi Abu Moghli presented a briefing on the health situation in the Palestinian lands as well as Israeli measures that obstruct work of Palestinian health teams.
Yet, it would be inadmissible to obstruct work of local elections commissions, he added.
Five men had defied a court order telling them not to obstruct work on the controversial pipeline.
Hashimoto said that doing so would only serve to focus energy on the institutions named, and obstruct work on other organizations.