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Was the obstructer or perjurer someone who holds a public trust or whose public prominence might yield a greater "bang" for the prosecutorial "buck"?
Describing the presidential vacuum and the Cabinet paralysis as a "coup against the Constitution, state institutions and higher Lebanese interests," Gemayel said: "The disruption of institutions is a fatal and suicidal path that will not spare obstructers or any political group.
Al-Watan daily newspaper pointed out that those who want to return to the bygone phase of differences, procrastination or hesitation in uprooting terrorism are deemed as irresponsible and it is the right of the Bahraini people through their representatives in parliament to hold procrastinators and obstructers responsible and accountable for such deeds which adversely impact on our national security.
their resources to charge civil obstructers, leaving any remedy to
However, left to those of us who care, the council will move forward with or without the real obstructers.
The German, winner of both the Drivers championship and Obstructers championship, should quit before his legacy is tainted even further.
Edward Said, in a book of exceptional beauty, Representations of the Intellectual, calls on us to be "disturbers of the status quo" (x); obstructers of the "passive acceptance of unexamined ideas and sentiments" (27); and to constantly ask "questions, mak[e] distinctions, restor[e] to memory all those things that tend to be overlooked or walked past in the rush to collective judgment and action" (33).