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Wilbur and Orville Wright would go from obscurity to international sensations, then be held in contempt as obstructers of progress, and finally be acclaimed as the heroes who taught the world to fly.
"The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs observes the development of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and recognizes the obstructers of the European path of BiH," Mr Hellbach said,
Iranian Constitution explains that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran may grant political asylum to those who seek it unless they are regarded as traitors and obstructers according to the laws of Iran.
He said his government wished the Security Council would adopt a new resolution and send troops to protect Palestinian civilians but he was being "realistic and reasonable." He said the discussion will at least send a signal the Israelis that "their crimes cannot be hidden" and also "isolates the obstructers that do not want to put pressure on Israel to stop these crimes or allow the Security Council and the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to provide protection for civilians."
According to Korybko, Ankara and Riyadh are playing the role of obstructers and have been insisting that certain terrorist groups be made party to the negotiations.
"Mostly politicians, possibly administration allies but some of them are also opposition," he said, noting that less than 10 persons are in his shortlist of "obstructers" not only in the investigation on the alleged overpriced and substandard bunkhouses in the Visayas but on other aspects of the rehabilitation work.
What Lady Gaga with her gay/gender gigs (or any similar sort of stage-acting a la Pussy Riot) is for the human rights, are the so-called Islamists for the Muslim world--strategic obstructers, assertively trivializing important larger contents that are essential for any human advancement.
Al-Watan daily newspaper pointed out that those who want to return to the bygone phase of differences, procrastination or hesitation in uprooting terrorism are deemed as irresponsible and it is the right of the Bahraini people through their representatives in parliament to hold procrastinators and obstructers responsible and accountable for such deeds which adversely impact on our national security.
Although the caboclo (Brazilian of mixed Amerindian and European ancestry) and other racialized types of the sertao have at rimes been used as symbols of social union and integration, they have also been scapegoated as symbols of backwardness and obstructers of development since the late-Colonial period.
their resources to charge civil obstructers, leaving any remedy to
However, left to those of us who care, the council will move forward with or without the real obstructers."
When Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into force 25 years ago, no one imagined that governments would become major obstructers to the promise of equality enshrined in the Constitution.