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This combination of IAEA weakness, Russian-Chinese obstructionism, and, sadly, Western unwillingness to force the issue early (when the potential risks and costs would have been far lower) has left us with no attractive options.
Making a big deal of Republican obstructionism could all too easily come across as whining.
Jaitley even gave an example of A Raja, saying that the 2G scam accused former telecom minister was asked to resign and a charge-sheet was lodged against him owing to the obstructionism.
diplomats and other government workers "have long been subjected to unusual, government-initiated obstructionism and harassment" but that it had gotten far worse.
I'd say that was fairly thorough, especially in view of Israel's obstructionism, wouldn't you?
He continued, "The Israeli front is quiet, Saudi-Syrian relations have pacified the street, and the option of political obstructionism has weakened in light of a (newfound) understanding between the Prime Minister (Saad al-Hariri) and Damascus.
Just one month ago, the obstructionism adopted by the opposition forced the parliament to sit and discuss all the amendments coming from the Center Party till late at night in order to bring to a successful end the second reading of the bill.
Obama chastised Senate Republicans for obstructionism.
The second constraint faced by Obama is Republican obstructionism against Democratic initiatives for major change, from the stimulus package to healthcare reform.
Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope also fingered the Senate: "President Obama and the rest of the world paid a steep price here in Copenhagen because of obstructionism in the U.
We are examining all options for getting this aid through and getting the message through to the Burmese regime their obstructionism is completely intolerable.
The Vatican-affiliated AsiaNews website said Gan pledged his allegiance to the Pope after his election in late 2006 and that ''the delay in celebrating the ordination is due to the obstructionism of the Patriotic Association, which tries to impose its own bishops without the consent of the Vatican.