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Republicans are already crying obstructionism, cynically ignoring their own blockade of centrist Clinton nominees.
let politics of obstructionism not go to next stage." His comments assume significance as some key economic reforms legislations like Land Acquisition Bill, Coal Bill and Mines and Minerals Bills are stuck in the Rajya Sabha.
Ordinarily, a Cabinet boycott or resignation would be considered among the many tools that a minister could legitimately employ to advance his or her goals - although such an action could risk alienating a public that has grown tired of obstructionism. The problem is that this is no ordinary Cabinet; it is a caretaker unity government whose main tasks are to tend to the most pressing matters of state while preparing for parliamentary elections.
The politicians and pundits outside the Middle East who have been insisting on the need for a Middle East settlement, including the Iraq Study Group, tend to describe the obstacle as passivity by the Bush administration or obstructionism by Israel.
The obstructionism of our Government is damaging the team effort, and therefore damaging Britain.
government because "a senior administration official told me in specific that the question of the identities of the terrorist masterminds could not be pursued because of bureaucratic obstructionism." So we are expected to believe that the senior Bush administration officials whom Mylroie knows so well could not find anyone in intelligence or law enforcement to investigate the supposed Iraqi intelligence background of the mastermind of 9/11, at the same time that 150,000 American soldiers had been sent to fight a war in Iraq under the rubric of the war on terrorism.
The same reform has long been championed by world government advocates as a way of making Security Council decisions binding on the U.S.--something apparently ignored by neoconservatives eager to punish the French for their Security Council obstructionism.
The EU has criticised obstructionism by the secessionist leaders in the region, who, says the EU, have repeatedly refused to engage in talks, and have reneged on undertakings on critical issues, such as allowing visits by exploratory missions to military depots, in a bid to further disarmament in the zone.The EU has indicated it will help fund economic redevelopment in the region on condition that there is an acceptable degree of political progress there "for the benefit of all parties".
So ours is a worldwide guerrilla war, of publicity, harassment, obstructionism. It's nothing simple, like "Stop the War" in the l960s.
Otherwise obstructionism and holding out by some parties would become excuses for other countries to cling to their misguided policies, and the whole enterprise would degenerate into reciprocity as usual.
He is doing everything he can to get through this obstructionism here on one side in the Senate and the House.
A day after introducing the long-pending GST Bill in the Lok Sabha finance minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday said the government is "extremely determined" to push insurance sector reforms and will not allow political obstructionism to stop it.