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(50) The lack of activated interests in the other state means there is room for cooperation (unlike if the configuration were obstructionist), but there is no demand for harmonization (as there might be if the configuration were champion or contested).
Perhaps destined now to go down in history as the "Green Pope," Francis' encyclical won't silence the climate skeptics and obstructionists. But it may prompt a worldwide moral awakening that forces them to make way for those who heed Francis' clarion call to undertake "the radical change which present circumstances require."
The authors do an excellent job of breaking down the sometimes-convoluted rules of Senate procedure, not only detailing how the filibuster works in practice, but mapping out how other obstructionist tactics such as holds and "filling the amendment tree" have been similarly overused in recent years and might be better areas for reform.
Through the passage of this resolution, the US Congress is contradicting the policy of the American government to create a Palestinian state by hindering the ability of the Palestinians to navigate around the Israeli government's obstructionist policies." Chief Palestinian Negotiator concluded by calling on the international community to "save the two-state solution by recognizing the Palestinian State in the 1967 borders." He added that "supporting international law and Palestinian national rights only strengthens the prospect of a negotiated settlement."
Reporter-director Bob Bowdon makes virtually no effort to appear impartial and suggests that all New Jersey schools are guilty of corruption and their progress prevented by obstructionist teachers unions.
You assert a moral equivalency between the paranoid right wing, the venal, obstructionist Republican Party, and people like myself ("kill-the-health-care-bill lefties").
The Republicans are obstructionist to anything the Democrats put forward; polarization is entrenched; and wealthy special interests currently dictate legislation and finance campaigns.
"Roche says Genentech was obstructionist; Genentech counters that Roche was obstructionist.
The ruling coalition is considering holding parliamentary deliberations on a second extra budget for the current fiscal year and the budget for fiscal 2009 simultaneously if the opposition parties adopt an obstructionist approach in the opposition-controlled House of Councillors, coalition sources said Sunday.
Who will stand together when requests for ADA compliance are labeled "unrealistic," "obstructionist," "too expensive," and worse?
Myanmar's military government has come under harsh international criticism for hindering international efforts to render assistance, with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday calling its obstructionist behavior ''appalling'' and ''obscene.''
Amazingly, the House's DOER Act passed by a large margin (232 to 187) on June 29, as a bipartisan coalition of labor and business overcame the obstructionist efforts of the radical environmental lobby.