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Those who aspire to be our future elected leaders should immediately present their strategy for energy independence -- one that marginalizes the obstructionists -- and commit to a plan of action.
We opposed obstructionist tactics deployed against some of Mr.
By bringing to a vote a measure to raise the government's debt limit without preconditions, House Speaker John Boehner reasserted himself as leader of the Republican Party and rescued it, at least for now, from its obstructionist agenda.
President Obama made the right decision on behalf of the American people by bypassing obstructionists in the Senate.
Senate's filibuster rule, which in recent years has fallen prey to rapacious partisanship and cheap tricks by obstructionists who have used the process to block legislation and nominations by requiring a supermajority to proceed.
Right-wing obstructionists have denied working families health care security for generations with distortions, fear and lies.
This eleventh hour tactic was not only unfortunate but entirely predictable by a highly partisan group of obstructionists.
The congressional obstructionists who last year blocked energy and climate legislation are back - and so is their blithely dismissive view of the scientific consensus on climate change.
one of the principal obstructionists of the president's Healthy Marriage Initiative is now the first U.
The survey confirms that on the Estrada case, MALDEF, presidential candidate Edwards, and his fellow Democrat obstructionists in the Senate are out of touch with Hispanic priorities.
So far, Hahn's response to secession has been to side with the obstructionists, backing a flawed divorce scheme that would force the Valley to pay for its own assets, and doom the vote before it could ever take place.