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By bringing to a vote a measure to raise the government's debt limit without preconditions, House Speaker John Boehner reasserted himself as leader of the Republican Party and rescued it, at least for now, from its obstructionist agenda.
Those are welcome words - although Reid has made similar promises before, only to retreat in the face of threats from the same Republicans whose obstructionist tactics have spurred record low approval ratings for Congress.
The congressional obstructionists who last year blocked energy and climate legislation are back - and so is their blithely dismissive view of the scientific consensus on climate change.
one of the principal obstructionists of the president's Healthy Marriage Initiative is now the first U.
So far, Hahn's response to secession has been to side with the obstructionists, backing a flawed divorce scheme that would force the Valley to pay for its own assets, and doom the vote before it could ever take place.
What remains to be seen is whether there is any real interest to the President's proposal among the obstructionists who are obsessed with derailing the President's well-qualified nominees.
roads in January 2000, a deadline that was extended because of obstructionists in Congress.
The journal also gave McClintock high ratings for integrity, but tweaked him for being among the lower house's obstructionists.
Little by little, we the people will get rid of obstructionists like Galanter and Goldberg at the ballot box.
Our vote goes to the taxpayers in Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and elsewhere in the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District - not the Malibu obstructionists.
Predictably, Deaton - chainmail-bedecked astride the council's white charger - disagrees with those who see the city's governing body as fiefdom-obsessed obstructionists interested only in retaining power.