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Hepatic involvement, with high levels of total bilirubin, transaminases, LDH, and ALP, is more common in patients with ATLL than in those with NHL, (5) but complete resolution of obstructive jaundice after chemotherapy, as in this case, has not been described in the literature.
Obstructive jaundice caused by a cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder: report of a case.
Immunotherapy with Tinospora cordifolia: a new lead in the management of obstructive jaundice.
After reviewing the English literature, it is our belief that this case is the first pediatric case of obstructive jaundice occurring solely because of a pancreatic pseudocyst and treated successfully with internal drainage alone.
Its established immunomodulatory, antioxidant, protective and other properties have shown it has a place in the management of diabetes mellitus, obstructive jaundice, cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatic or splenic injury by infectious agents or drugs, cyclosphosphamide and anti-tuberculosis drug toxicity, chronic ear, nose, throat and other infections, and many other conditions.
Pseudohyponatraemia in a patient with obstructive jaundice.
Unfortunately, he deteriorated rapidly after his third cycle of treatment with tumour-related obstructive jaundice and succumbed from liver failure 12 months after initial diagnosis.
Also, radiation therapy treatments achieved high rates of local control and 90 percent of patients experienced palliation of symptoms such as pain, nausea, vomiting or obstructive jaundice.
Rupture of cyst contents into the biliary tree can cause cholangitis, obstructive jaundice, or pancreatitis.
A lipoprotein characterizing obstructive jaundice, I: method for quantitative separation and identification of lipoproteins in jaundiced subjects.

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