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Questionnaire (Based on Likerts Scale) Responses a b c d 1 Cardiac output=AfterloadxHeart rate 2 End-diastolic volume determines the preload 3 Giving carotid massage increases the HR 4 Cardiac output=Stroke volumexHeart rate 5 Diastolic BP is determined by cardiac output 6 CPR improves perfusion of the brain 7 Ejection fraction=Stroke volume/End-diastolic volume 8 Patient in hypovolaemic shock should be covered with blankets 9 Cardiac tamponade causes obstructive shock 10 Hb level is a reliable parameter in early stages of shock due to blood loss HR: Heart rate, BP: Blood pressure, CPR: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Rachula Daniel (1), Saravanan Ayyavoo (1), Thilagavathi R (2)
The time period of publication was extended to include two articles that addressed SI and obstructive shock (Otero et al., 2007; Toosi, Medina, & Leeper, 2008).
Septic shock Hypovolemic shock Unknown cause shock Cardiogenic shock Obstructive shock Other: -- 3.

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