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Militant, slow drivers - the ones who drive deliberately and obstructively slowly.
There, cinnabar ravines vie against one another with their flowing torrents; green peaks rise in undulation; heaving waves descend and drain away, rumbling as though in anger; towering sky- high bluffs loom obstructively. These are indeed the most marvelous views in the universe.
Tokyo's Toshima ward office plans to introduce the nation's first taxes on studio apartments and on bicycles parked obstructively near train stations, charging apartment builders and railway operators, Toshima Mayor Yukio Takano said Wednesday.
This is a valuable collection, showing the vital contribution to be made by feminist historians in refiguring the history of imperialism, and exemplifying how to use theory constructively rather than obstructively be used by it.
The speaker tends to respond to such a listener by becoming more objectively self-accepting and self-evaluative, and less obstructively self-defensive.
challenged New Jersey's obstructively early deadline for minor-party ballot-access petitions; in Maine the Green Party's place on the ballot hangs in the balance in the state legislature; and important cases are now wending through courts and legislatures in New Hampshire, Colorado, Texas and Georgia.