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The last man should also be understood to be overcome Jung's transcendent function by resolutely removing the obstructiveness of a complex from being in the world.
This active formulation allows Dasein to retrieve the regions or situations where the obstructiveness and unreadiness to hand of complexes from having-been are encountered from being in the world.
When Dasein has discovered the meaning of a guilty mood of a complex from having-been in stage 1 of Jung's transcendent function, Dasein can remove the obstructiveness of a complex from being in the world.
In contrast, the avenue leading forward symbolises the future where the obstructiveness of a complex is removed from being in the world because Dasein has retrieved the missing possibilities from the readiness to hand and this allows the complex to be unified with the ego to widen consciousness and the personality.
This unification opens Dasein to new possibilities to listen to the call of conscience and avoid falling prey and through the interpretation and retrieval of possibilities of the readiness to hand and the meaning of a complex, Dasein understands how to remove the obstructiveness of a complex from Dasein's future being in the world.
The purification of the ego can be achieved from the interaction with the obstructiveness of the unconscious (complex) through interpersonal relationships in everyday life.
Therefore, as the practical application of the findings in psychotherapy are understood in the everyday experience of the obstructiveness of a complex, the ego can retrieve more possibilities missing from the readiness to hand and move toward a more complete unification and wholeness as the superfluous elements of the meaning of the guilty mood (unconscious complex) are extracted through the removal of projections.
It views the projected Abbey National acquisition by Banco Santander Central Hispano as an exception, and cites private-sector complaints about regulatory obstructiveness.
As such, he laid the foundations for the National Health Service, despite the obstructiveness of most of the medical profession.
It also regretted the Transdinistrian local authorities' obstructiveness towards plans by the Russians to dispose of large quantities of arms and munitions.