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is ascribed to a constraint hierarchy forbidding voiced obstruents in coda position but allowing them to surface faithfully in onset position.
Aspiration and Voicing in Old Sino-Korean Obstruents.
Even though the development PU *nt > PMari *d does not appear to be fully regular, the tendency of denasalization in clusters containing a nasal and an obstruent in Mari is a well-established phenomenon.
In the case at hand, a continuant sonorant such as [r] can be governed by the continuant obstruent [o], while the sonorant stops [n m 1] cannot be governed by a continuant obstruent but can be governed by a plosive.
Glottal replacement is favoured before a syllabic nasal, as in Britain and lightning, before an obstruent, as in sit down and the high frequency pronoun it.
The odd man out here is [sl] in oszlik '(get) disperse(d)' with its [+continuant] voiceless obstruent [s] in the stem.
Le ministere de l'Industrie et du Commerce exterieur vient de fixer un plan global pour regler les problemes qui obstruent l'industrie des textiles et filatures en Egypte.
where O stands for an obstruent and S for a sonorant, on which structure the identical four-grade vowel pattern e : o : - : - would be superimposed, yielding such strong verb forms as those under (10):
Selon Dr Chaden, ces technologies avancees permettront egalement de localiser les endroits oE se multiplient les [beaucoup moins que]pastels des teinturiers[beaucoup plus grand que] qui obstruent en partie l'ecoulement des eaux d'irrigation dans les cours d'eau.
De son cote, le ministre de l'Habitat, Dr Fathi Al Baradei, a fait savoir qu'une base de donnees serait fixee pour preciser les problemes qui obstruent les PME et en trouver des solutions.
Long syllables starting with a voiceless obstruent were too strong in an unstressed position, since voiceless obstruents are relatively long and they tend to raise the fundamental frequency of the following vowel, making the listener more likely to perceive such syllables as stressed.
Introduction of a prothetic vowel *e- before word-initial clusters of obstruent + sonorant, e.