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Secondly, the contracting entities must ensure that the assessment committee does not obtain knowledge of the prices offered prior to the quality evaluation.
Patients and Methods: A sample of 200 female patients was taken and a questionnaire containing close-ended questions in both Urdu and English languages was used to obtain knowledge of female patients about various health related myths.
Nasser also stressed the importance of taking precautionary measures should state institutions obtain knowledge of "real and immediate" threats on the lives of one or more citizens by terrorist groups.
He emphasized on the youth of the country to obtain knowledge of various skills and training and by availing the loan facility being provided by the banks under a policy of the government, they can establish their own business and self-employment for themselves.
However, the court noted that a patient is charged with presumptive knowledge of his negligent injury, and the statute commences to run, once he has notice or information of circumstances to put a reasonable person on inquiry, or has the opportunity to obtain knowledge of sources open to his investigation.
But there was 'no certainty' over bin Laden's whereabouts, adding: 'We've got to operate on the basis that he's still alive, that he may well still be in the country, and if we do obtain knowledge of where he is, then clearly we will pursue him with all vigour.
This birth occurred in an "old-fashioned" way as Rogers nurtured pregnant scholars in her home to give birth to their idea of creating a structure to help people obtain knowledge of her science.
Accompanied by the Minister of Justice , Francisca Van Dunem, Antonio Costa stated that it is fundamental that the prisoners maintain or acquire work habits and obtain knowledge of a profession to be able to continue it when they are released.
Close collaboration with Canadian businesses has already helped Victoria develop cultivation and extraction facilities, obtain knowledge of industry development and help us develop world-class approaches to strain development, cultivation and manufacturing.
Interested parties may also obtain knowledge of contract documents by the Office Purchasing & Warehouse, during working days and hours .: 3.
We believe that such a principled approach is essential to obtain knowledge of superior quality, to realize the task more effectively and automatically, be able to reuse solutions, and thereby to accelerate the pace of the absorption of this new technology that is revolutionizing our life.
(4) 260 ppeople from local communities and 100 people from BFS members will obtain knowledge of low carbon developme