obtain payment

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Following a DWP invesitgation, Antill, of Brewood, South Staffordshire, pleaded guilty to three charges of dishonestly failing to notify a change in her circumstances and a further charge of dishonestly making a false statement to obtain payment.
A CAMELOT spokesman said:"We are aware that there are individuals and organisations that attempt to obtain payment or personal details from people under a variety of pretexts.
The Auctioneers Act allows them to attach property in execution of a court order and sell such property by auction, seize someone's property to obtain payment of money owed such as rent, carry out evictions and repossess goods pursuant to the provisions of any written law or contract.
stib must: - optimize the recovery of unpaid receivables in order to safeguard its cash flow with a view to improving its services to users, as required by the management contract linking the stib to the brussels-capital region, - make his clients and co-contractors aware of his determination to obtain payment of his dues.
"Loan sharks feed on that vulnerability, their motivation being the money which they make for little effort and on occasions use intimidation and violence to obtain payment.
APPS claims to be the first fintech in the country to obtain payment system provider (PSP) and payment system operator (PSO) licences from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
The court also heard how Berry carried out work for a third customer, but used aggressive behaviour on two occasions when trying to obtain payment.
However, it is not uncommon that a general contractor will require its subcontractors to obtain payment bonds under the terms of its contract with them.
Howson described shuttling back and forth to Qatar ten times a year in an attempt to settle the bill but ultimately failed to obtain payment for the project.
'This email communication was acknoweldged by Ketraco but we remain apprehensive that Jyoti could still maneuver and obtain payment from Ketraco, leaving UBA exposed,' UBA's company secretary Fred Chumo says in an affidavit filed in court.
"As part of that process, the [attorney general's office] can file a lawsuit in state district court to obtain payment, which can include additional costs in attorneys fees, court costs, and interest," Steusloff said an an email.
Immediate practical help for SMEs should centre on two imperatives: the need to obtain funding, and the need to obtain payment. The former involves government encouragement of banks to extend credit, and banks actually doing so.