obtain payment

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This email communication was acknoweldged by Ketraco but we remain apprehensive that Jyoti could still maneuver and obtain payment from Ketraco, leaving UBA exposed,' UBA's company secretary Fred Chumo says in an affidavit filed in court.
Howson described shuttling back and forth to Qatar ten times a year in an attempt to settle the bill but ultimately failed to obtain payment for the project.
Court documents further allege that Singleton used healthcare financing credit cards held in the names of other individuals to fraudulently obtain payment for cosmetic dental care services.
Credit staffers must be trained to work with customers in a positive manner to complete job information sheets and obtain payment bond copies before large order releases.
A National Lottery spokesman said: "We are aware that there are many organisations that attempt to obtain payment or personal details electronically from people under a variety of pretexts.
OT'S MOTION CODE has been designed to combat payment card fraud, in which hackers obtain payment information used when consumers make purchases online, by changing regularly, making it impossible to reuse.
Stockholders of the company will receive a notice of merger and appraisal rights and an accompanying letter of transmittal that will contain instructions regarding their rights and obligations with respect to the merger and how to obtain payment for their shares.
was notified by its third party IT services provider SuperValu of a separate, more recent, "attempted criminal intrusion seeking to obtain payment card information" used in some of its stores.
Through this program, small contractors qualified to be bonded should actually obtain payment and performance bonds.
Here, landlords have unsuccessfully attempted to obtain payment for renewals or improvements of major works, such as roof coverings, plant and equipment for heating, air conditioning and lifts as a few examples.
Middleton, of Stanton Drew, near Bristol, has denied two charges of dishonestly making a false statement to obtain payment.
Even though there have been some positive changes that make it a little easier for timeshare resellers to open a merchant account and obtain payment gateway software, these same businesses should be careful to shop around and find someone who will take the time to explain things -- someone who is going to be helpful rather than just wanting to make a sale.