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The results of this investigation reveal gaps in online government information obtainability on homeschooling.
With this kind of ease of obtainability, people tend to max out one credit card and shift to another and yet another as their purchasing power meets no obstacle.
And execution of these actions would depend completely on the interests and proficiency of the individuals and the obtainability of financial resources, space and other resources.
Prizes will be awarded at Veolia's absolute discretion but each entry will be judged on criteria including, but not limited to, the scale of the makeover required, the proximity of the space to local suppliers and its accessibility via local roads, and the obtainability of necessary permissions including, but not limited to local authority permissions for community space closures, street dressing, residents' permissions from any affected neighbouring properties.
Dispositional envy, domain importance, and obtainability of desired objects: Selection of strategies for coping with envy.