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Similarly, Sultan Ahmad from JPP got first position by obtaining 13049.
However, durations were also longer in the second-trimester group than in the first-trimester group for each subsequent step in the process of obtaining an abortion: deciding to get an abortion, calling an abortion clinic, calling the study clinic and arriving for the abortion.
It follows that the undercover agent here did not need a warrant to reenter the apartment within 10 minutes, having exited only to secure proper protection by obtaining reinforcements.
The firm may conclude internal controls deficiencies prevent it from obtaining sufficient evidence to issue a standard report.
Several recent high-profile property sale transactions have been affected by the inability to secure the insurance, the cost of obtaining it or the unacceptability of the terms.
iii) An individual who provides nonpublic personal information to you in connection with obtaining or seeking to obtain financial, investment, or economic advisory services is a consumer regardless of whether you establish a continuing advisory relationship.
Proper grain refinement and modification is crucial to controlling your casting's microstructure and obtaining optimum mechanical characteristics.
Spectra were obtained from a compound (33% carbon black) adhered to the surface of a wire tire cord thus showing the flexibility in obtaining useful information without extensive sample preparation.
Among those unemployed, approximately 50 percent expressed an interest in obtaining employment.
He said that Urwa Eman Hanif secured first position by obtaining 460 marks, Muneeba Iftikhar obtained 2nd position by obtaining 455 marks while Hifsa Eman bagged third position by obtaining 454 marks.