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Once this is established, then it will be manifest that motion is tantamount to the obtainment of situations, each of which occurs abruptly and disappears abruptly.
About Enbasys GmbH Enbasys GmbH is a leading specialist in the biotechnological obtainment of energy in the form of BioGas.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders appreciates the latest obtainment of Myanmar and Angola to the Convention on Chemical Weapons.
From 2005-2009 he served on many councils and committees under Ascension Health providing leadership in strategic planning, capital acquisition, budget obtainment, leadership development, and talent management.
Public budget for 2014 will face a number of changes due to changes in the macroeconomic situation and obtainment of additional funds between the first and the second readings, Minister of Finance Olga Lavrova said.
The KPI said in a release received by KUNA that it had signed the agreement following the obtainment of necessary approvals from relevant authorities.
Egypt's government is currently undergoing a subsidies reform program in order to help close its budget deficit and secure the obtainment of its pending $4.
The project implementation was completed in an aggressive three-month schedule, which has been put on hold for a full year awaiting the obtainment of the Islamic banking license with the release of the Islamic banking regulation by the Central Bank of Oman.
ET Solar"), a leading solar one-stop solution provider, today announces obtainment of NF-EN 61215 and NF-EN 61730 type approval certificates for its BIPV frameless modules from Certisolis Test Centre ("Certisolis").
Along with representing the upcoming Nina Skarra Mercedes Benz NYC Fashion Week show, the firm was also responsible for celebrity obtainment and press for last NYFW's February 2012 EMERGE
However, he said the establishment units relating to printing of currency notes, explosives, arms, ammunition and alcohol are required the obtainment of prior NOC from federal government.
Had the aim of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate been obtainment of material goals, they would accept dominance of the invaders in the first place and would have supported them," the statement added.