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If the motion is in place [local motion] (harakah fi al-ayn) then it is tantamount to consecutive obtainments in adjoining spaces; and if the motion is in quality [qualitative change] (harakah f-al-kayf) then it is tantamount to consecutive [obtainments of] different, mutually exclusive qualities.
The above passage may be reformulated as follows: motion and repose are positive, existential qualities or "entitative accidents" having autonomous or separate ontic status, because both are obtainments or occurrences that happen to the body and are sensibly perceived: we can actually see and determine whether a body is in motion or repose and our mind judges intuitively that motion and repose are distinct from one another and from the body itself.
The latter's conception implies that motion can also be conceived as a series of instantaneous reposes (sukunat), a series of wholly completed obtainments, occurrences, or arrivals, but in successively different places and instants, for as soon as something has moved to a place it is no longer said to be moving.