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Herman also holds this view, evidenced by his beautifully written sentence about the split model: "The freedom of motion provided for is precisely what is needed in everyday practice, in which awareness of the larger picture should remain in the background and not obtrude on the treatment of isolated instances of banal illness.
Any supports that obtrude are quickly passed by the tool opening and lifting its magnetic yokes and lowering them again.
What we've created is a building that everyone notices, but that doesn't obtrude, but complements the surrounding architecture.
Buchan stood out, even as an undergraduate, but did not obtrude or impose.
50) He objected to the idea of writing an autobiography on the grounds that he had no wish to obtrude himself on the public, that he would "say so much about other people," including Melanesians, who could not read what he said, and because "it would be always doubtful whether what I was writing was true.
Just as the mediaeval fortress of Tallinn is overtopped by the onion domes of the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built by the last Tsar, and just as the grey bunkers of Soviet times still obtrude among the hi-tech glass buildings of the last decade, so the large (and still largely unabsorbed) Russian minority in the country presents a continuing challenge to the building of a new and integrated society.
The quotidian mechanics of running a thirty-year guerrilla war--the acquisition and concealment of weapons, the supply of ammunition, the IRA's long love-affair with explosives--do not obtrude much into his text.
The architectural shakiness and narrative freneticism observable in her later, longer stories ("Sleepwalker in a Fog," "Limpopo," and the untranslated "Plot") obtrude more conspicuously in the novel.
Not to trouble the Reader with many instances, I will present him with an Impossibility, which some of our late Scriblers most strongly hold forth; and what it is, think you, but an Art of Complementing, which they obtrude on the under-Wits, and amongst the rest they have more especially seduced a Favorite of theirs y'cleped the Chambermaid to make her believe, she may be easily completed with oVensive and defensive terms of Language, so to manage her Wit as if she were at a prize.
People have to enter into the plaza -- it doesn't obtrude upon the city as an open public space.
A binocular with a larger objective lens also tends to obtrude because of the housing required to contain the additional optics.
While the "jump cuts" from one time and place to another occasionally seem to obtrude, the overall result is satisfyingly cumulative and cohesive.