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A closer look at the circumstances, for example, alerts one to the discrepancy between the allegation that "nothing obtruded to destroy the complete unity of the work as a whole" (Henry 1916:400) and the fact that the opening act of the play, with its political intrigue as well as its representation of characters who become refugees before they end up in exile, was entirely cut.
Much of the debate in the Ukraine Parliament, the Rada, focused on the pain of the reform process (although many other elements obtruded into the debate, ranging across questions of Ukrainian personalities and Ukraine's political destiny).
Similarly, White-Jacket's desire to excise himself from his denigrated "skin" is best understood within the context of the anxiety-producing analogy between flogged sailors and flogged slaves in contemporary narratives of sailors' wrongs; Ishmael's desire to find floods of meaning in the interiors of whales is best understood within the context of the emergent analysis of skull capacity in racial ethnology; and Pierre's insistent materialization of eyes and hearts is best understood within the context of a sentimental tradition that obtruded those organs on its readers' attention.
to shew the Follies and Weaknesses of the Jargon introduced by Paracelsus, Helmont, and other chymical Enthusiasts, who have obtruded upon the World the most airy Dreams, and instead of enlightening their Readers with Explications of Nature have darken'd the plainest Appearances, and bewilder'd Mankind in Error and Obscurity.
Most often, it is obtruded by a sudden change in pitch, but there is redundancy in English accenting, so that, under certain conditions, speakers will use changes in loudness or quantity (Intonation and Its Parts 9).
For Melville, literature "is not obtruded upon every one alike" (Writings 245).
Balances were welljudged, unanimity of attack was exemplary, diction was superlatively clear, and the lyrical freshness of the sopranos was outstanding; less praiseworthy was the way certain male voices obtruded from the choral texture.
John Wilson has obtruded his new, monumentally scaled British Library, easily the most discussed new building in London since World War II.
But the icing on the cake was Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto , Alexei Volodin a soloist whose virtuosity never obtruded but was in fact there in spades at the service of this sunny, lifeenhancing music.
This choir can make fabulous sounds, but bass sonorities tended to disappear on lownotes, Bach's crucial plainchant interventions were coarsely delivered, and, surprisingly for this experienced choir, individual timbres obtruded in unison vocal lines.