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But the icing on the cake was Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto , Alexei Volodin a soloist whose virtuosity never obtruded but was in fact there in spades at the service of this sunny, lifeenhancing music.
He sat himself down on the porch step and talked baseball and politics--he favors the Yankees, which he has every right to do--until the fragrance of macaroni and cheese so obtruded itself that I was obliged to invite him in.
Though the majority had yet to begin forming pictures, I saw shapes trembling in the letters, preparing to break through: nascent, hitherto veiled faces of strange creatures whose cunning eyes blinked or beaks obtruded impatiently from their tangles of lines; unsettling, to say the least.
Broadly speaking, the question which obtruded itself from the very start is whether or not to "foreignise" or "domesticate" the text, or as Umberto Eco puts it: "[S]hould a translation lead the reader to understand the linguistic and cultural universe of the source text, or transform the original by adapting it to the reader's cultural and linguistic universe?
the quicksilver twistings and unskeinings of DNA molecules obtruded even
The hydrological pachyderm obtruded once more during the penultimate session of the conference during a discussion on waste management and water reuse.
The self-revelation of the writer must be as severely implicit as it is universally pervasive; it must never be conscious or obtruded.
On this, see for example Coleridge's response to Anna Letitia Barbauld's criticism that the poem did not have a moral: "but I told her that in my judgment the chief fault of the poem was that it had too much moral, and that too openly obtruded on the reader.
If they obtruded themselves and persisted in unpopular duties they were told that they were no longer required.
Indeed, in the United States and Australia feminists even favour partial-birth abortion, where a baby being born is killed before it is fully obtruded from the mother's body (for once the baby is fully obtruded a killing becomes legally recognised as murder).
Thomas Rosewell praised those who would not allow "the decre[e]s and Idols of the Beast to be obtruded upon them, but wholly cleave to Christ their guide, announcing later "blessed are they that do his commandements, as touching the not worshipping of the beast and his Image, the forsaking of Babylon, and the faithful following of the Lamb.