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That mistaken identities, false resemblances, and elaborate deceptions figure as both theme and technique in Vladimir Nabokov's fiction obtrudes, embarrasses, or fuses with any study of his lepidoptery.
It obtrudes in the powerful impression of 'the momentary', of artificially arrested motion, for instance, whereas the poses typical of painting, far from being those of arrested motion (the instantaneous), are so saturated with expressiveness that almost any intimation of actual movement would be destructive.
This problem obtrudes into the social world and is studied by sociologists as such, thus representing disability as a social problem.
This new form of sexual McCarthyism obtrudes another dangerously black and white, gimlet-eyed view of the world, with the consequent danger of a carry-over into the rest of the political process and even into international affairs.
The "alien" element, the "foreign" admixture continually obtrudes, he knows, into resemblance.
Critical evaluations tend to be pragmatic and iconoclastic in emphasis, in both respects flying in the face of much recent formalist and feminist criticism (the latter really only obtrudes in an apparently snide reference to Judith Wilt's 'ingenious attempt .
Kennell occasionally obtrudes herself into the text, suggesting afterthoughts to temper Dreiser's first impressions or, in her own voice, tartly remarking on his rudeness toward some hapless apparatchik.
There is light and dark, all precious, all weighty, nothing obtrudes.
When not quite oneiric, many of the tales are not quite real; time is telescoped, the past obtrudes, the future intrudes.
The Concerto Itahano approach does not attempt to produce the same type of seamless sound: the double harp continuo seldom obtrudes, all voices are given equal weight, and Alessandrini is not afraid of silences between phrases (sometimes to an extent that would only really make sense in a live performance).
The Italian original obtrudes misleadingly in |Fozius', |Jeronimus' - who, in any case, should be Eusebius - |Julius', |Paolinus'/|Paolini' (nn.
The author obtrudes gently to read the arbitrary sign for us, displaying his bent for abstractions and definitions.