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The play immediately reincorporates the obtrusion of the real, in the form of Annabella's heart, back into the semiotic and cultural tissue that constitutes reality.
The Unnamable depicts the critical point at which the tasteless indifference and denial of the object promoted by the "Three Dialogues" collapse under the insistent obtrusion of language, character, and storytelling.
The organizations complain about the one-sided obtrusion of homosexuality through the media, culture, art and education, that happens without talking about the consequences and risks for the individual and the society.
Some modestly hide their faces from the obtrusion of the camera.
Experience--a long meditation on innocence, memory, sex, and the obtrusion of human evil--demonstrates his capacity for sustained investigations of consciousness not reliant on the necessary distortions and simplifications of fiction.
Wilde here identifies the aesthete maneuver essential to AI: the "transformation" of the base into something "fine"--Sontag's obtrusion of the body into the ken of critical consciousness is a prime instance of it.
Ong nos conduce a un punto importante, que marca una inflexion trascendental: en un sentido profundo Ramus se rebela contra "the obtrusion of voices and persons in scientific issues" (38) (p.
We can supply up-to-date research documents as well as reports specific to the Pool Hill proposal in relation to high and low frequency noise, visual obtrusion, public danger and mining.
The observational mode (10) wherein an argument is presented with as little filmmaker obtrusion as possible, facilitating unmediated access to the real world and featuring recurring images and situations.
It argues, instead, that the queer, within a politics bounded by the ideology of futurism that serves as its limit and horizon, comes to figure, for the regime of heteronormative sociality, the disarticulating force associated at once with the death drive and jouissa nce: to figure, therefore, as I wrote in my essay, "the figuralization of identity itself" and, in consequence, the cataclysmic "undoing of the symbolic and the subject of the symbolic," the intolerable obtrusion of the Real (27).
Here are reasonable words on the subject of obtrusion from Time magazine writer Paul Gray.
It is called the Ghost Block because it is an internal design and eliminates the add-ons and obtrusion of other lock designs.