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In broad terms media agenda have a great role in setting the public agenda regarding unobtrusive but no influence at all regarding obtrusive issues of the day.
(ADI) today announced a low power, next-generation biopotential analog front end (AFE) which enables smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive cardiac monitoring devices with longer battery life.
The oversized structures are obtrusive and unnecessary in the area.
Jawbone is trying to change that perception with its ERA headset ($129.99); its sleek and shiny design is only about as obtrusive as a hair barrette.
It is just a fact that I mentioned." On being asked whether he carries matchbox even while travelling in flight, Raju retorted, " You ( reporters) are going to make an issue out of it but I have yet to come across an incident worldwide where a matchbox became a threat." Raju, however, emphasised that security should be meaningful rather than being obtrusive.
But Carhartt also didn't muck it up: no funny-looking buttons, no obtrusive branding, no double-wide or beanpole cut.
Calligaris orbital extending dining table and chairs "I searched for a contemporary glass dining table and chairs to sit in our bay window for ages - wood would have been too obtrusive. I fell in love with this one from Sterling Mills near Tillicoultry and it's been a great investment."
They have become environments which, to an old '10p Doubles' punter like myself, are alien and obtrusive.
Washington / NINA / Qatari ambassador in the United States, Ali Bin Fahad Al-Hajri described the personal representative of Tareq al-Hashemi in Washington, Marc Saleh as an obtrusive and hasty person.
Carlisle said: "Provided it is done in the same way as rugby league - in a fly-on-the-wall way that is not obtrusive - I think it could be quite an innovative idea.
They need to find $500 in two days to bribe their way into the Shea Stadium to "bomb" (ie graffiti) it in an obtrusive manner.
One of the common problems associated with these disorders is the obtrusive recall of memories that are associated with the fearful, emotional experiences in PTSD patients.