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So, how do we make security meaningful without being obtrusive or without obstructing economic activities.
Al-Hajri said in a confidential letter sent to the Minister of State for Qatar Foreign Affairs that "the embassy's adviser in Washington met with Marc al-Saleh, the representative of Tareq al-Hashemi in the United States at his request," adding that " Hashemi's choice to Saleh was not successful as Saleh is unreliable and he is obtrusive and hasty person.
Secondly, who pays for the production and erection of these garish and obtrusive yellow boards?
Coun Judith Woodman claims to be concerned about the historic castle; oh yeah, when the council promotes obtrusive rally cars by the castle's main gate
The First Minister added: "We contend that the level of capacity which we set in 2005 would negate the need for the large obtrusive pylons which are causing such concern.
During refurbishment work on the Hill in the 1980s, it was felt that the boulder was an obtrusive feature (it had no historical significance in itself) so it was removed.
As with all good writers these hints are never obtrusive and the plot takes its own time to unwind.
Keeping track of a soldier's vital signs while he's clearing a building would be an obtrusive and daunting, not to mention dangerous, task.
It might be worthwhile to note that Our Town (1938) was not the first "vehicle Wilder used to eliminate the obtrusive bric-a-brac of scenery and props" and "synthesize life to its barest elements" ("Welcome Back to Grover's Corners," May/June '08).
I would like to complain about this obtrusive music which programme makers, on all TV channels, seem to think has to be added to some wonderful programmes where the commentary is drowned out by it.
Not only does obtrusive light result in the loss of the enjoyment of the night sky, but it also results in huge amounts of energy being wasted.
You could screw a surface-applied weather strip to the face of the door, but a door-bottom weather strip is a less obtrusive way to create a good seal.