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observed that Walter Scott "never reminds you obtrusively of the
Although head orientation performed better in some performance measures, electrical signals can be recorded less obtrusively and more reliably and may be the more practical choice as a user interface.
The members of central ruling elite from Bengal Sindh Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtun Khwa (previously known as NWFP (North West Frontier Province) were obtrusively excluded from the power structure of the country.
Browning draws attention to the sound of the silent documents, both with obtrusively noisy phrases such as "wrangled, brangled, jangled" and with the occasional bit of Latin from the original (e.
The second largest opposition party, the MHP, is ideologically more cohesive and organizationally more disciplined; hence, party disagreements are fewer and not obtrusively expressed.
Lillian indicated her openness to learning but less obtrusively, through her interest in reading and sociology and 'the way changes come about'.
be achieved less obtrusively is a nearly unalloyed good.
The Italian Chapel, still extant today, is disposed upon an obtrusively elliptic plan, and it is this chapel's ovaloid structure that is thought to have been an architectural model that ultimately triggered Kepler's astronomical discovery (Horsky 1990:189-190).
One of the most important concepts brokers can impart to employers is that their employees' financial problems are their problems, too, and if they want their business to run smoothly, employers have to consider how to obtrusively help employees with their finances.
Steve didn't move the camera obtrusively, to accentuate any of the hard-hitting things that were happening in the narrative.
Furthermore, these facades were obtrusively cleaned using sandblasting which resulted in the removal of the patina of time and ended up with a flashy white stone elevation.
Although, in scenes of extensive visual and musical crosscutting, the density of the cues is essential; in other places they seem perhaps obtrusively copious, raising the question of how they might best be used in practice.