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While Yatsuk says "some people objected to the way it looks," the district has creatively tried to incorporate such environmental design changes as least obtrusively as they could be.
What is more, the Government asserted that any extra-afforded process to Hamdi would greatly hamper the Executive's ability to wage war, and required compliance with judicial discovery proceedings would obtrusively invade on sensitive national security interests.
One side of it effectively borders the M6 which a) limits access and b) means the area is obtrusively loud.
AS THE person who first suggested a properly organised busking festival for Liverpool, it may seem surprising that I equally backed the city council's right to rid our streets of obtrusively bad musicians.
The passage of time has exaggerated the physical differences between Klimt's cartoons and the end product--most obtrusively through the darkening of the paper and the preserved whiteness of the marble.
While the eurozone's richer countries have indeed done much to help their troubled neighbors, they have done so in an obtrusively conditional, transitional and incremental fashion.
As lay Watson notes, "Faulkner opens Knight's Gambit with a story in which reality marches obtrusively into the law office, revealing it as an important locus of detection in its own right" (144).
Also obtrusively high are the diagonal ramps from the downstage corners of the thrust: although their primary function is to give passage to/from the stage, they can also provide extensions to it.
It trolled obtrusively right through the school, ending the action for all of us.
Glendale has had a couple of striptease clubs forever and an adult store near Colorado Boulevard, behind Shotgun Willie's ("very dark upon entering from the midday sun," says an online review) and they are obtrusively visible to passersby.
Strife, or war, he regards as an extreme, obtrusively material, and perhaps dispensable form of contest.
So pleased are the Mazda boys, in fact, the test car had full details obtrusively stencilled across its rear.