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The role of MRI in the clearance of the cervical spine in the obtunded blunt trauma patient.
Over the next two days, she remained obtunded and responded only to painful stimuli.
Clinical signs include being obtunded, anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea.
The role of MRI in the "clearance" of the cervical spine, particularly in obtunded patients, continues to be debated.
A patient who is toxic with GHB presents to the ED completely obtunded.
A patient who is toxic with GHB presents to the emergency department completely obtunded.
In fact, my contention is that it is the lower-risk resident--someone who might be bedridden but is in fairly good general health and able to move about in bed--who suddenly becomes sicker, more dehydrated and slightly obtunded, who's really at greater risk.
Passage of regurgitated stomach contents into the trachea because laryngeal reflexes are obtunded caused by anesthesia, muscle paralysis, or unconsciousness.
Therefore, though obtunded, patients appear to be influenced by verbal messages they are asked to remember.
However, this figure needs to be interpreted with caution for the population was atypical of the general stroke population in that patients who were obtunded, had a lacunar infarct or a normal CT brain scan were excluded.
The only noticeable side effect being nausea and vomiting which can be obtunded by use of an antiemetic agent.
When she was received in the emergency, she was obtunded, markedly dehydrated, febrile with an axillary temperature of 39.