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In the obtunded or un-evaluable patient, high-quality CT imaging is recommended as the initial imaging modality of choice.
Firstly, clinical examination in the critically ill obtunded traumatised patient is unreliable; therefore prompt CT leads to quicker diagnosis and definitive treatment.
In case the patient was too obtunded, it was signed by the next of kin.
Prospective evaluation of computed tomography scanning for spinal clearance of obtunded trauma patients: preliminary results.
Once patients had recovered sufficiently from anaesthesia, they were given a hand-held analgesic demand button and asked to press the button repeatedly until the pain was obtunded. The analgesic (morphine or pethidine) was administered intravenously by a nurse each time the button was pressed.
Now, this person is an obtunded, ventilator-dependent, dying patient: what harm could this tonic possibly cause?
Within the LOC are the abnormal values: hyperactive, lethargic, obtunded, stupor, comatose, and other.
Moreover, although approximately 25% of young children with meningitis have seizures as the presenting sign of the disease, some are either obtunded or comatose when evaluated by a physician for the seizure, and the remainder most often have obvious clinical signs of meningitis (focal seizures, recurrent seizures, petechial rash, or nuchal rigidity)," the guideline says.
Exclusion criteria included those waiting to have same-day outpatient or inpatient surgery or a major invasive procedure (such as placement of central venous access device for chemotherapy and developmental or cognitive impairments), hemodynamic or emotional instability, or inability to verbally communicate due to intubation, sleeping, or obtunded state or drag therapy affecting cognition.
She was now cognitively obtunded with blood pressures measuring in the 80s over 40s and a heart rate in the 90s.
The next day, she became obtunded with spastic limb movements and upper-body muscle tension.
After sedating her enough to manage her pain, she was nearly obtunded for 8 hours.