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Two days before presentation, the bird had experienced a 5-hour episode of obtunded mentation, increased respiratory effort, and increased respiratory sounds described as gurgling by the owner.
The bird was obtunded, with labored breathing and marked cranial coelomic distention.
Patients (42%) who were obtunded, comatose, or in a locked-in state required the highest daily dose and were most likely to require additional oral medications to achieve goals of prevention of skin breakdown and ease of care.
Just prior to her arrival at the hospital, the patient had developed acute respiratory distress at home (etiology unknown) and became progressively obtunded.
So they were able to spend their last few months enjoying their family and not being totally obtunded by narcotics," he said.
The patient became obtunded, the family elected to withdraw support, and the patient died.
She was slightly obtunded with raised blood pressure (166/115 mmHg) and sinus tachycardia (130 bpm), apyrexial, and had mild psychomotor retardation and blindness with no light perception in either eye.
Despite administration of activated charcoal and subcutaneous fluids, the bird exhibited diarrhea, with occasional muscle tremors, and appeared obtunded and ataxic for the next 24 to 48 hours.
He was obtunded with a Glasgow Coma Score of 3, respiratory rate of 5 /minute, hypoxia, hypothermia and mild hypotension.
Upon hospital admission, the patient was obtunded but hemodynamically stable and afebrile.