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The jacket is too thin to provide significant support to tne core, so, these jacketed bullets obturate more while passing through the unsupported section between tne cylinder and the beginning of the rifling (the forcing cone).
Just as important, pressure exerted outward by the ball against the cavity wall of the slug causes it to obturate against the bore in a uniform manner.
In 1978, Johnson introduced a technique in which alpha phase gutta-percha was placed on a metal carrier, heated, and used to obturate the root canal.
The variables used in this study correspond to the microscopic changes observed, by means of scanning electron microscopy, in both dental tissues and materials used to obturate the pulpal canal and the access cavity during an endodontic treatment, in correlation to the macroscopic changes identified by means of digital photography.
While conical and roundball bullets must be made of soft lead so they can engrave the rifling on loading or obturate to fill the bore, the sabot takes care of all those things.
38s was to make it easy for the bullet to obturate and fully engrave the rifling at the very low pressures involved.
1-3) The conventional solution to this problem has been to obturate this area with a palatal prosthesis.
Very hard bullets also allow some gas blow-by, since they don't obturate ("bump up") as the expanding powder kicks them in the rear end.
The lead bullet will obturate when the gun fires and expand to fill the rifling in the bore.