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The patient had multiple fortnightly review appointments for trimming and adjustment of the obturating part.
This has led to some confusion as to which technique to choose for obturating these defects.
In the evaluation of different endodontic techniques, dye is commonly used for in vitro studies as an indicator of apical leakage, which is illustrated by the dye penetration between the canal walls and the obturating materials.
18) The prognosis for second molars depends on detection of the extra canals and proper cleaning, shaping and obturating the molar.
Between the paper shot cup and the powder is a column of polymer powder (Polywad's Obturating Medium).
The aim of this study was to determine the success rate of Vitapex(r) as an obturating material for primary teeth.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of screw obturating
10] The hardened material forms a strong micromechanical bond to etched tooth enamel, thus physically obturating susceptible areas of the tooth surface and preventing dental caries.
Tetracycline gutta percha has also been advocated to be used as a final obturating material, as an alternative to regular/traditional gutta percha for root canal obturation.
Winchester-Western had introduced a highly efficient, bottle cap shaped, obturating over-powder wad and their Mark-V plastic shot wrapper that reduced shot deformation and improved patterns considerably.
Push out test and SEM evaluation of these obturating materials showed that gutta percha had maximum bond strength, where as gutta percha with 10% hydroxyapatite had minimum bond strength as compared to other bioactive materials used in this study.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Thermoplastic gutta-purcha obturating system-01 no.