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suggested that root canal therapy, specifically the one session treatments require an optimal level of skill in cleaning, preparation and canal obturation, need to be performed by experienced dentists [11].
Propoints, a joint project by DRFP Ltd and Endo Technologies, are 'self-sealing' obturation points, designed for use in dental root canal treatment to replace existing materials and some techniques, which can cause damage to the tooth and increase the chances of reinfection.
Finally, root canals were flushed with distilled water and dried with paper points before obturation.
15) One such recently introduced glass-ionomer sealer is the Activ GP Precision Obturation System (Brasseler USA, Savannah, GA).
Also new from ASI is a shield for installed obturation guns for use with its endodontic systems units.
Even the fillers/sealers for endodontic obturation are now resin based.
Obturation with the belted case at black powder pressures was perfect.
Bleeding gastric varices can be controlled more effectively and safely using endoscopic obturation with cyanoacrylate glue than using band ligation, according to Dr.
No modification or obturation of the nasofrontal duct was performed.
Table 72 global obturation market by product 2007-2014 ($ thousands)
Brasseler Introduces New Endodontic Obturation Approach II-28
Vizgirda et al [7] compared hot gutta-percha and lateral condensation technique with obturation of the root canal with only MTA and concluded that gutta-percha has a better apical seal compared to MTA [7].