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The canal system is also significant because it forms an anatomical pathway for the egress of irritants beyond the apical foramen.6 Therefore, the cementodentinal junction is considered as the ideal end point of endodontic instrumentation and obturation. It creates the smallest wound site and condition for healing is best because it is the narrowest point in the canal containing the smallest diameter of blood vessels.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of CHX and DMSO as final irrigant on microleakage of root canal obturation with two different sealers immediately and after 18 months.
Single visit endodontic treatment to Group-I subjects was carried out by gaining access to canals, cleaning, shaping and obturation at same visit whereas in Group-II patients, who underwent multiple visits, cleaning and shaping was followed by placement of intra-canal medicament, while obturation was done 5 days later.
Its effects on viscosity and voids have also made it useful in restorative dentistry (12), and its use in endodontics has become more frequent in recent decades, particularly in applications such as gaining access to canal openings, cleaning and shaping, obturation of root canals, removal of intracanal materials and obstructions, and endodontic surgery (13).
Obturation quality assessment of modified Mc Spadden vertical condensation technique, continuos wave thermo plasticized technique an lateral condesation.
During an intracanal treatment, it is necessary to achieve two main goals: to extract the content of radicular canal, to reshape the morphology of the existing radicular canal, and to make it fit for definitive obturation and canal restoration [2-4, 7].
One of the desirable properties of the root canal obturation material is its ability to adhere to root dentine [1].
During canal obturation, sealers are likely to contact fluid around the apex.
According to Aquilino and Caplan, endodontically treated teeth without a crown restoration after filling of the canals were lost at a 6.0 times greater rate than teeth with full coverage after obturation [1].
Moreover, the complexity of accessory canals impedes achievement of appropriate/ideal canal preparation and obturation. Perhaps, CBCT scanning before endodontic treatment can help distinguish the morphology of root canals and provide the clinician with guidance.
Obturation: Lateral bullet swelling, when the force on the bullet's base exceeds bullet strength during firing.