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The objective of this study was to compare four different obturation techniques in obturating artificially created internal resorptive defects.
45] There is no need to apply retrograde filling in root canal, if treatment fails or root end resection has to be performed when MTA is filled 5 mm apically, as it is difficulty to handle, obturation of curved root canals is difficult, longer setting time because of it should not be applied in 1 visit.
A successful outcome of endodontic therapy depends on numerous factors, including appropriate canal instrumentation, successful irrigation and decontamination of the whole root canal system, as well as complete obturation, using biocompatible materials [1, 2].
Quality of obturation achieved by a non-gutta-percha-based root filling system in single-rooted canals.
This study used 30 simulated curved canals (angle: approximately 30[degrees]; length: 24 mm), prepared at the Prosthesis Laboratory, Dental School, Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil) ready for obturation.
The lever was then raised and the block locked into place, with the belt, resting halfway between the chamber and barrel, providing almost perfect obturation.
In order to make the discussion easier, these changes will be classified according to tissues, dental materials, and temperature ranges, having into account: 1, Mai adaptation of obturation materials; 2.
At present, the management of non-vital immature incisors requires complete elimination of bacteria, necrotic pulp, tissue debris and the use of a suitable material to induce an apical hard tissue barrier in order to facilitate obturation.
On the external surface of the piston there are six radial channels disposed at sixty degree, in which six obturation bars ([P.
Secondly, it becomes necessary to mix as less as possible the obdurate liquid (a fluid oil with a pressure greater than that of the exploitation medium) with the exploitation medium, a small energy consumption at obturation (by a small consumption of obturator liquid) as well as by the transference cross section of the obturator liquid in the exploitation liquid.
The use of MTA cement (mineral trioxide aggregate) to solve endodontics treatment complications, like pulpar floor camera perforations during root canal treatment, as well as a retrograde obturation material of apicectomy treatment, was the purpose of this investigation.
Obturation with the belted case at black powder pressures was perfect.