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7) The inguinal approach has a lower complications rate; nonetheless, lack of access to the obturator nerve fibers originating from the hip joint fossa can induce some problems.
The skin and superficial fascia were treated as one layer, and the muscle surface was exposed to minimize tissue damage and provide access to all NEPs for the obturator and femoral muscular branches.
Conclusion: Blind obturator nerve block (ONB) by using Labat technique for obturator nerve block has proven to be simple, reliable and easily replicable in any set up and it does not require any time consuming steps or sophisticated equipment.
A feeding obturator is an appliance that creates a seal between the oral and nasal cavities and controls the flow of milk.
In this study feeding obturators were fabricated for three patients, the youngest patient was of 1 month.
the AP and obturator oblique are the x-rays most frequently used (81% and 76%, respectively) (Fig.
The role of obturator in treatment of KCOT with marsupialization is very significant.
When he was subjected to a sudden deceleration, both hips went to forced external rotation, abduction, and flexion, resulting in bilateral obturator dislocation.
The optimal position of the tip of the obturator is at the center of the lesion (Figure 7).
MRI revealed high grade right obturator internus and obturator externus muscle strain involving the attachments to the obturator ring and ischium (Figure 2).