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Which is another one of the things I was playing with in the film--the sort of obtuse things that contribute to the darkness.
You've got to know so much of it is ponderous and pretentious and trying so hard to be obtuse writing is more inappropriate than ever in the wake of globalization.
Megill's tendency toward a choppy, repetitive writing style does not make his treatment of hermeneutics and the theory of truth and knowledge any less obtuse prose, this section from the first paragraph in Chapter 4, Knowledge Work:
Caughey avails herself of biomorphic flourishes, but the references invariably slide toward the (Barthesian) obtuse.
In each case, Thomas captures the atmospherics of a frenetically polarizing political climate, for which the crude and obtuse authoritarianism of the state officials provided the main motor.
The library on the north side makes an obtuse bend to create a quiet court between the building and an existing substation.
It leaves the subject of his love judiciously obtuse, and a priest in the diocese of Fredericton.
The architects are only a small part of the process, if they only talked with themselves the talk would be get very obtuse.
In addition, the Koret Task Force claims that the commission "was either too obtuse or too naive to take on the basic functioning and political control of the system itself.
I'd suggest that it is both cheaper and wiser to encourage people who want to make obtuse political statements to "grow up" and make the compromises necessary to see that their ultimate preferences are reflected rather than frustrated by their actions.
Naive and obtuse, Color is a failed memoir that bears all the markings of Watts's press office.