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Surely P is a victim regardless of whether D acted exploitatively or merely obtusely. In both cases D failed to be influenced by side-constraints on his or her transactional freedom once he or she, as an honest and reasonable person, had become sufficiently aware of P's relative special disadvantage, resulting in P being used merely instrumentally for the advancement of D's own ends.
Sulci on pronotum moderately deep, the posterior sulcus bow-shaped at centre, posterior margin of metazona obtusely angular.
This unfortunate and repeated loss of her children led Kronos' wife Rhea to artfully deceive her cannibalistic husband, by secretly hiding her newborn son Zeus on the isle of Krete, and then by presenting a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes to Kronos, who instantly and obtusely devoured the baby.
For if the I-narrator stated openly what the narration appears to be implicating (through a breach in Grice's maxim of quantity), i.e., that he (the I-narrator) knows that he (the I-character) was being obtusely sentimental at the time of utterance, the subtle effect of irony resulting from the I-character's repetitions would be spoiled.
The relationship is complex and fraught, and while Corlie claims to know him and to share much in common with him (including absent fathers--and much more obtusely, the social ambiguity of being "mongrel[s]" [129]), there is much of Sipho that is unknown and indecipherable.
In a convincing demonstration of the need for critics to "venture out to touch the other," rather than to obtusely assimilate the other into their own paradigms, Paula Gunn Allen juxtaposes alternative readings of the Keres story of Kochinnenako to show how a standard Eurocentric feminist reading is mistaken, while a "ritual" reading detects a substantially different message.
Simone wallows in superfluity because he obtusely rejects the machinic element of life, its connection with the vitalistic, brute drive of animals.
Feuer rightly notes that nationalities are never capitalized in Russian (although early drafts of Anna Karenina show that Tolstoy on several occasions capitalized "Russkii"), and that, in his diary, Tolstoy often referred to Rousseau with an abbreviated "R--." It is possible that Tolstoy is taking issue specifically with the anti-monarchical aspects of Rousseau's "social contract," which explains why Tolstoy emphasizes, albeit obtusely, the need for a republic that honors monarchic rule.
At least lower cauline leaves 1-3- pinnatisect or -pinnatifid; fruits obtusely winged apically, glabrous 41 41(40).
8-flowered; floral bracts orbicular or nearly so, 20-27 x 25-27 mm, apex rounded, incurved and appearing cucullate, greenish-yellow toward the apex and yellowish-green at the base, glabrous or nearly so, equaling 1/2 of the sepals length, strongly convex, carinate or the upper ones obtusely if at all carinate, covered by an oleaginous substance.
NEIL Young is a "what you hear is what you get" artist - frustratingly brilliant, obtusely single-minded.