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8), interantennal carinae obtusely ridged between antennae, becoming gradually flattened, converging downward, extending about V way from ventral margin of toruli to clypeus.
With excruciating consistency, in chapter after chapter, this supposedly educated, sensitive young woman obtusely fails to recognize the signs that would lead her to the knowledge that she so desperately seeks; these signs, moreover, are only too easily interpreted by both the reader and the other characters in the novel.
While Dewey's use of language has been described as convoluted and obtusely theoretical, Experience and Education is replete with concrete connections.
While considering this, let's remember Brunstrom is the man who seems obtusely oblivious to what the rest of us might call "proper crime" yet is unnaturally obsessed with people who break the speed limit - hence his nickname, Head of the Traffic Taliban.
Here, four more dresslike velvet sculptures--two with stretched right arms, one with long trailing braids, and one with a hole in the middle--seemed at first to bring things back to Oakley, but they also ultimately occupy a curious middle ground between this specific reference and other, more purely functional or more obtusely coded meanings.
Linera dubs this new form of collective action "the multitude," defined rather obtusely as "a block of collective action through which the subaltern classes give rise to autonomous, organized structures in relation to hegemonic discursive and symbolic structures.
In fact, Martynov's music is dispiritingly static, obtusely minimalist with all the vitamins taken out.
It creeps up everywhere--media, politics, culture, and perhaps more obtusely, the food industry.
As if the full weight of the Murdoch tabloid machine working against the Greens wasn't enough, the party also had to fend off a whole new political force, obtusely named Family First, who openly spoke of warding off the Greens as one of the primary motivators behind establishing the party.
After Prinze's untimely death, the network, attempting to salvage a successful show, recast Chico as a chubby pre-teen illegal alien from Mexico who had crossed over the border in the trunk of the garage owner's car, whose obtusely sexy Aunt Charo appeared on occasion for an on-screen pelvic thrust (see Greenberg and Baptista-Fernandez, 1980; Brooks and Marsh, 1999).
excuse" phenomenon obtusely ignore the contribution that social