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The stranger, with deadpanned obtuseness, "says, very deliberate, 'Well, I don't see no points about that frog that's any better'n any other frog'" (249).
He was a reluctant dictator who had been obliged to take charge in a coup that was triggered by the obtuseness of the then Prime Minister - Mr.
Sir, no, they replied, with their barely hidden grins at his total obtuseness with machinery even as paleozoic as an office phone, with a cord, no less.
Nolde's regrettable advocacy of Nazism seems to have been the result of nationalistic obtuseness.
If the answer is no, then it shows the US' moral and political obtuseness and this develops a sense of wariness and outright suspicion of US involvement in the political crisis that gripped the nation.
These facts also demonstrate the obtuseness of Mr Abbott s claims on Sunday that the Australian economy isn t growing; they demonstrate just what my predecessor Mr Costello meant when he said Mr Abbott has no aptitude for economics and why Mr Hewson described him as genuinely innumerate.
But that Tomasi offers a clear-headed exploration of these and other issues during a moment of noticeable obtuseness and obfuscation in American politics is an accident of timing, incidental to his larger project, which is both ambitious and deeply needed.
As Waldron notes, "to ignore foreign solutions or to refrain from attending to them because they are foreign betokens not just an objectionable parochialism, but an obtuseness as to the nature of the problems we face.
Bloom was prone to obtuseness about this fact because, at base, Bloom himself was not an admirer or supporter of the multiplicity of cultures.
The theorist of eradicating the notion of Arabism and promoter of uprooting the Baath Party in Iraq and in Syria, Fouad Ajami, wrote: "The sight of Hillary Clinton cutting a rug on the dance floor this week in South Africa gives away the moral obtuseness of America's chief diplomat.
Their recommendations which have a veneer of obtuseness are actually grounded in an innovative proprietary method for conducting research and analysis.