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Obversely, even if the correction "matters" statistically, one must have an economic theory justifying (7) and thus the inclusion of a selectivity correction.
While obversely (as is neatly proved by contraries in an ironic story by Borges) the map is not the territory, it is both a model of the territory and the territory seen through a grid of epistemic conventions, seen as an overview instead of as a bodily experience or indeed a buzzing confusion of random phenomena.
As we shall see, the changes that transform Elihue Whitcomb into Soaphead Church obversely reflect Chloe Wofford's construction of Toni Morrison as her authorial identity.
Obversely, authority was more fissured in the Dangs.
Obversely, low rates decrease the marginal products of workers over 55 and high rates increase them.
Obversely, the "pointing" or "bullseye" pretension of language--our wish to achieve a perfect marker by way of language, a successful verbal fixative of the real, even a magical and animating vocative--this orphic quest or communication-compulsion (which raises voice to the luminosity and immediacy of sight) is always disappointed, always revived.
A gentrified, diffuse - often de rigueur - nominal reclusion was fashioned, which obversely tended to render more distinct the conviction that characterized reclusion as a way of life.
Obversely, the offender-centred logic of the courtroom or the psychiatrist's couch institutionalizes stigmatization.
Foucault confirms such a view obversely when he writes that "[Artaud's] madness is precisely the absence of the work of art" and, in the same passage, "all those words hurled against a fundamental absence of language, all that space of physical suffering and terror which surrounds or rather coincides with the void - that is the work of art itself: the sheer cliff over the abyss of the work's absence' (Madness 287).
Obversely, the percentage of examinations that were composed only of objective questions for each of the categories of admissions selectivity was as follows: 10.
Kids loved rock partly because their parents didn't, and obversely.
Obversely, works of visual art are always to some degree open to conflicting interpretations, so some verbal gloss seems always in order-especially when, as in the world of site-specific art, there is as yet little by way of a common visual language.