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Each of the 52 recommendations are reviewed and evaluated in terms of the progress made by being listed as: Accomplished; Significantly Accomplished; Partly Accomplished; No Action; or Obviated (recommendation outdated).
("Site and Facility Environmental") investigatory protocol, but all others meeting minimum standards are eligible for a "Seal of Registration." Since E.P.A, OSHA and other government agencies now accept the registry's microfiche reports, and since they are similarly accepted in legal proceedings, the need to maintain even an original full-sized document on file is obviated.
Expanding on this thought, joined up positive thinking by our politicians may have provided much needed work for the Scotswood tank factory and obviated its rumoured closure.
Focusing on the "one day before" language might lead taxpayers to believe that the problem presented by the proposed regulation could be obviated simply by transferring A's stock and then waiting two or three days before making the check-the-box election.
Circulation across the middle of the plan, previously blocked by the library, will be freed; long and tedious journeys round the perimeter will be obviated.
Created by merchandisers to allay fears that one might give a friend or relative an unwanted or inappropriate present, these new items of exchange allowed recipients to choose whatever they liked, and obviated the need to give mere money, which seemed to be too impersonal a gift.
Any legitimate government concern about "adverse selection" (i.e., that the election would only be made when advantageous to the taxpayer) could be obviated by requiring the taxpayer to make a binding election whether to trace at the time it acquires subsidiary stock (or within a specified period following the acquisition).(2)
[The t]axpayer could have disposed of the residues in a manner that would have obviated the need for the extraordinary clean-up which is at issue." This statement suggests that if the taxpayer performed recurring and ongoing identification and disposal of contaminated property, the costs would be deductible.