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Village women worked as labourers and material carriers on the project, but in general, the lot of women has been improved greatly, because the water programme has obviated long journies to distant wells.
The substitution of electors obviated this difficulty and seemed on the whole to be liable to fewest objections," he wrote.
For thousands of heart-disease patients, angioplasty has obviated the need for surgery.
California had asked Washington for approval to reduce benefit checks and make other changes months ago, but the process was obviated by the new law.
A, OSHA and other government agencies now accept the registry's microfiche reports, and since they are similarly accepted in legal proceedings, the need to maintain even an original full-sized document on file is obviated.
However, "As a result of the SRS implementation, we actually eliminated two full-time positions and obviated the need for additional hires, further enhancing the anticipated return on this investment in technology," he adds.